Eyes – Superior SBL downward gaze correction

tut_liftThe first few Superior Blythes (pow wow poncho, superior skate date, silver snow, velvet minuet) released by takara were manufactured with an extra-long T-bar, causing them to look slightly “down.”

To correct this effect, remove the T-bar from inside her head.

By sanding or cutting about 1mm off of the end of the T-bar, her eyes will rest in a higher position when her string is pulled.

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  1. azUre


  2. Shelly

    How do I know what kind of doll I have? I just bought A Prima Dolly Ashlett. I love to do some changes with her and want to make sure her eyes are right.


  3. Ana

    Hi. I have a FAO Hollywood who I wished had boggled eyes. I notice boggled eyes look more upwards than non-boggled eyes. If I follow the gaze correction steps, do you think it would make my Hollywood’s eyes look boggled? (I realize boggled eyes means that no lid is showing, but she already has no lid showing). Thank you.

  4. Melissa

    Hi ana,

    I just responded to your other comment, but maybe I didn’t really get what you were describing.

    if your hollywood looks down but has no lid showing (sounds unusual – do you have a picture?) then you would follow the procedure of gaze correction (shortening the T bar a tiny bit) to fix that. you don’t need to boggle because it sounds like she is already not showing any lid, and over-boggling leads to her eye mechanism showing from the bottom of her eye, which is quote unsightly.

  5. Ana

    Melissa~ Thanks very much for responding. That clears up a few things for me. 🙂

  6. Robin

    I just purchased an ADG redhead, and she seems to have the downward gaze. Will this method of correction work for her?

  7. Rae

    i have a lovely little enchanted petal girl named ever. she seems to have a real downward look. no one mentions her when they talk about this, do you think this would work for her? i’m not ready to work on her, i am just asking for when i am… thanks!

  8. Peggy

    What happens if you cut the T bar down too much? Does that cause her eyes to look way up?


  9. Firaphrin

    Hi, I have an ADG Pleasant Peasant with what I think looks like a gaze problem. Her pink, forward-facing eyes glance very severely downward, so that you can see a good 2mm of white above the iris. However, her gaze on her other 3 eyes are basically OK. The sideways green eyes right before the pink glance pretty far down, too, but nowhere near as bad as the pink.
    So I’m wondering if this is a job for gaze correction? I’ve got her T-Bar all out and ready to go, but due to the…um…unusuality (not a word?) of the problem, I wanted to ask first so I didn’t mess her up.

  10. Dan

    My doll is the same! 🙂

  11. Dan

    Firaphrin, the dolls eyes are supposed to look like that! trust me you will RUIN your doll.

    1. Firaphrin

      5 years after my initial comment… I’d just like to say, everything turned out fine. I did slightly shorten her T-bar, and put her back together. Her gaze is now slightly higher, and that solved the pink-eye-downwards-gaze just fine. Her name is Eva and she is a very happy and un-ruined dolly– no worries here!

  12. amy

    i have an fbl
    and i want her too look up slightly
    however i dont really know how to do this
    which tutorial should i follow ?
    also her right eye lid is pulled side ways in camparison to her left one
    which has resulted in her lashes touching the side of her face
    i have done nother to her and she was like this when i got her
    she is a new very vicky

  13. Happycatz

    I know the tutorial is old, and many customizers already KNOW much of this, BUT newer folks that are still reading the VALUABLE INFO here on puchi may not fully understand the gaze correction.

    Removing and sanding back the edge of the T-bar will lift the gaze on ANY Blythe model, and most clone dolls too. The more you whittle down the tbar, the higher the gaze CAN look upward. HOWEVER, for those upward glancing eyes we ALL love, you need to HAND ROLL the eyes back upward. Pulling the string alone will not necessarily result in the desired gaze.

    When I first got into customizing, I wanted the gaze to sit at that ‘child looking up at you’ upward glance, but I wanted the eye mech to rest there NATURALLY, I didn’t WANT to have to adjust them by hand. Getting the eye mech to line up exactly where I wanted it without hand adjusting the eyes was impossible without completely (and unnecessarily) modifying the WHOLE mechanism. After doing it once, I can honestly say, “NEVER again! I’ll adjust them with a finger!”

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