Scalping and Head Opening- Radiant Blythes

  1. Blythe Radiant Scalping TutorialIf you’re used to scalping EBL and SBL girls, you’ll be surprised to find there is now a third screw in the back of RBL’s head. First, remove all three screws (put them in a safe place). use a crochet hook or tweezers to un-hook the spring in the square hole.
  2. Blythe Radiant Scalping TutorialNext, squeeze her ears to release the clips underneath them. The back of her head should lift off easily.
  3. Blythe Radiant Scalping TutorialYou will see one more screw located in her forehead. loosen it halfway.
  4. Blythe Radiant Scalping TutorialHer scalp will now lift off of her head. If you’re opening her to do makeup or eyechip work, you’re done! You can follow the same eye removal procedure, starting with step 2.
  5. Blythe Radiant Scalping TutorialThe new Radiant scalp is a 2-piece contraption – a soft rubber scalp with a long flange pinched into a hard plastic dome piece. Since the only RBL I have to work with at the moment is Darling Diva, and I don’t plan on removing her scalp completely, I will just let you know what my findings are with the new scalp.It appears that there is no glue used to hold the scalp to the cap, just a friction fit (a very tight one at that). above you can see I used an exacto blade to make sure the flange would separate cleanly from the cap.
  6. Blythe Radiant Scalping Tutorial I then used a screwdriver to see if the flange would be able to be pried out of the cap. It slipped out fairly easily. Putting it back, seems to be another story. the softness of the rubber makes it difficult to re-insert. I stopped after prying a few centimeters so that I wouldn’t have an impossible-to-assemble scalp on my hands.From what I can tell, after the scalp is removed, the flange will probably have to be cut shorter and then reinserted. I’ll update this tutorial after the first regular-priced release is made available and I can really experiment on the scalp. Until then, remove your RBL’s scalps at your own risk!

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  1. Tatiana Castro

    O am worried about the spring thing. Actually, I am more concerned about it when it comes to closing the doll’s head! How do I get the spring back where it is supposed to and make sure it is safe/correct there?? Can anyone post pics of the steps in closing a rbl’s head. I am so scared I will ruin my Aubrey!!! PLEASE HELP ME!

    Thank you very very much.

  2. purple princess

    Argh, my heather sky’s ears won’t pop for me to open her head! Having just Melissa’s post about putting body wait onto her msr’s head I’m clearly not pushing hard enough! Oh please don’t let her whole head crack open!

  3. purple princess

    done! but oh my word did I have to lean on that girl’s ears! Still a helluva lot easier than doing my sbl violetina!

    Flipping fantastic tutorial! Thank you so much!

  4. Zooky

    Hi, i have a Can can cat and i wanted to add some freckles to her face, but i dont know how to remove it. Do you have to scalp it like this?

    i’m new to this subject so i didnt know there were different blythe tipes…. and i’m scared of damaging Rosalie……

  5. dana

    Here’s what I found when opening Last Kiss. It was easy to pop her open at the ears, but the lower half, the half of her face below the ears and around her cheeks was really NOT budging at all. I used a masking-taped flat head screw driver to help it along.

  6. dana

    Here’s what I found when opening Veronica Lace. I just couldn’t get the face to unclip by pressing at the ears. (I had done three different dolls with no difficulty, so I had an expectation of how this should go.) But I finally was able to do it when I did what Melissa said earlier, “I just had to set her on one ear (on a towel) on a hard surface and press the other ear with both hands and a good amount of my body weight.” And then the one side popped open. Then I was able to hold the doll and push on her other ear to get the other side open.

  7. dana

    What’s the trick with the crochet hook? Are you trying to reach around the sides? Or are you trying to catch the piece sitting right on the bar? What size hook are you using? I’m using a really tiny one, but I have no idea what I’m really trying to do, and I tried using tweezers as well. Also, I can’t see, even though I shined a flashlight in the hole, which side is connected to the spring and which side is the end of the spring. I think this is the hardest part because I have no idea how I’m supposed to grab the spring.

    1. Tirin

      I used a 1.25 mm crochet hook. It’s hard to tell which side is attached to the spring, but just try one side and if it’s difficult to grab the spring, try the other side. My “good” side was the right-hand side.

  8. Challiano

    Thanks so MUCH! I had so much trouble trying to put her scalp for my Tarts and tea back on. I tryed everything. I thought it would fit back easy. I can’t get the back to fit in properly. It is a real pain!

  9. Challiano

    I wouldn’t personally plan on Taking her scaplt off because It doesn’t re-insert the way it might be thought to. I might have to glue her scaplt back on because I took her scaplt off almost completely and it is a huge pain to get it back in place! It falls out all the time. So, I recomend to NOT to remove you’re poor Blythes scaplts because poor Tarts and Tea scaplt will not fit in properly. Mellisa, do you have any advice?
    Please help! 🙁

  10. Adrienne

    Just an FYI on my own experience: I just tried removing the scalp of my Guava to dye it. While it came apart relatively easy, trying to fit the flanges back in was Awful! I ended up having to trim two flanges and use a glue on the seam to get the scalp to stay on. So beware folks!!

  11. Jessica

    Does anyone know where I can buy a radiance blythe dome? I know I can get a new scalp form CoolCat, but I am having trouble finding a replacement dome. Any advice would be great.
    And Thanks to Puchi Collective for all of the great tutorials- keep ’em coming!

  12. Mirage

    Thanks so much for this tutorial 🙂
    I followed it with my Cassiopeia Spice last night… it took me the best part of 4 hours to complete step 2 (my hands are still sore today!), and the back headplate just didn’t want to budge. It finally popped open just as I was ready to give up, but the front plate moved apart from the scalp dome thing rather than the back. I guess the newer RBLs are tougher to take apart?

    1. Anonymous!

      Hi! the new rbls aren’t hard to open, i opened my cass and she opened up straight away! it just varies between doll to doll.

  13. freya

    i want to know how to put the spring back on when i am putting her back together beacause i don’t want to ruin her!

  14. Connor

    Hi! I have a question. Is there anything important between the dome and scalp that can be damaged with water? I will be washing my RBL’s hair once she arrives and I’d rather wash it with the scalp detached, but I don’t feel like separating the dome from the scalp.

    Oh, and I totally love this website. I come on it all the time just to go over tutorials. I’m used to styling dolls with smaller heads that have fully molded heads.

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

  15. cody james

    hi i couldnt for the life of me get the spring so i just skipped that step, i just wanted to swap hair between my lilac and my guava, so i just unscrewed then popped the ears then just brought down the back plate enough to get the screwdriver in to that last inside screw that holds on the top dome, it worked great, i was a tad worried i would stretch the spring in the process but nope all is well, and my blythes look sooo much better after the sway, guava’s ultra pale lips always bothered me with her vivid pink locks, but with lilacs pale lilac hair the light lips look perfect

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  17. GG

    I have a bohemian peace and when i try to remove the back of her head it seems as though it is glued to her scalp, i don’t know whether i am squeezing her ears incorrectly. But has anyone had a similar experience? Thanks 🙂

    1. Tirin og Katten

      Glue: Yes. I used a tiny flathead to separate the scalp from the back of the head. After that, I used Dana’s instructions (see her comment).

  18. Kerin

    Oh just great. My first customisation and I have to choose the one doll with this sort of scalp. Lord help me. 🙁

  19. blythette

    were do u get radiant blythes??????

  20. Maddy

    You can also twist her body to the back plate of your girls hea

  21. Alaska

    I bought a wig I just need to take the scalp off and replace it

  22. Librarydweller

    oh no!! help 🙁 i was under the wrong impression of what kind of doll i had when i started scalping her. now her scalp will not re-attach to the back of her head and ive gotten glue in her hair 🙁 so two questions; 1) how do i fix her back up, 2) and what should i use to wash the glue out? thanks in advance

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