Scalping – EBL Blythes

  1. blythe scalp removalIf you’ve never opened a Blythe before, it helps to understand exactly how it all fits together. Here’s what Blythe looks like under her scalp. From this point forward, I’ll refer to the parts as labeled in the diagram.
    Begin cutting your unopened Blythe along the scalpline where the channel meets the gutter (marked in red on the diagram). Use your thumb to feel around for the channel and cut about 1″ at the base. The scalp is very thick – make sure you go slowly and cut all the way through. don’t worry about cutting too deep. you won’t damage the hard skull underneath.
  2. Blythe scalp removalOnce you have the slit made, insert your prying tool and poke around, trying to lift the scalp from the skull. You might get lucky and the scalp will start lifting relatively easily, but Blythes come with VARYING AMOUNTS OF GLUE under the scalp. (Most just have one big glob on the back.)
    I’m using a flat-head screwdriver wrapped in masking tape to prevent scuffing.
  3. Blythe Scalp RemovalGet your tool into the channel and pry upward. Watch the hairline. Hopefully you will see some of the flange lifting out of the gutter. Keep prying until there is enough room to get a finger under the newly extracted flange. The dental pick can also help you get some leverage and grip. Keep pulling until the scalp is off!
    Note: You may not need to remove the whole scalp. If you are only opening so that you can get the eyes out, and are not rerooting, only open the back half and fold the scalp over. Refer to the superior surgery to see what we mean.
  4. Blythe Scalp OpeningHere you can see a successfully preserved flange, none of it was cut completely off. The more of the flange that you can preserve, the better your hairline will look when you glue her back together. If you can’t save any of the back flange, don’t worry…the front one is the most important, so DON’T cut the front of the scalp. Once the back is up, the front will just pop off!

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  1. Heather

    Just curious. Which scalp (SBL or EBL) would work better on an ADG?

    I am so scared that I will damage my existing scalp when I remove it and my girl will be bald!!

  2. Melanie

    Thanks for the in-depth tutorials, they are SO HELPFUL! Will there be a tutorial on scalping the ADG dolls?

  3. Li

    I was wondering if you can have some guides for RBL Blythes. I saw one on ebay and would like to customize her.

  4. Melissa
  5. victoria


    i recently bought a ‘little big eyes’ doll to practice customising before i go all out n slash out on a Blythe.

    so my question is, does anyone know if scalping a ‘little big eyes’ doll is the same as scalping a Blythe?


    vic xx

  6. victoria

    sorry for the double post

    but i meant to say * splash out on a Blythe, not slash! im not going to destroy her! lol!!!!

  7. Blonde Zilla

    Hi, I just customized my first Blythe – a Cinnamon Girl. The hardest part of it all was getting her scalp off !! She had a LOT of glue and even had a few plugs of hair that were recessed into her scalp !!

    I suppose I didn’t need to take her whole scalp off to do what I planned to do … but anyway … now I can’t seem to get it back on 😛

    Some of the hair was pulled partially out ( into the inside of the scalp. I secured that and trimed it, so it wouldn’t get in the way putting the scalp back on.

    I did preserve ALL of the flange, but due to the massive amount of glue, the scull cap doesn’t fit !! It seems like it is just too small to go back on !! If I put the flange down into the front, I have AT LEAST a 3-4 mm gap at the back 😛

    The only thing I can think to help the situation is to sand the glue bumps off the scalp ??

    I have photos over at TIB here

    Thanks for any tips you can offer ;>)


  8. Angela

    which would you use to scalp an adg??????

  9. Batty

    I JUST scalped my ADG. It’s like this the EBL. However I was unable to save ANY of the flange. It came right off as if the rubber was rotten. so… we’ll see how that goes.

  10. Jean Yates

    Hi Melissa! I have written before, to tell you how much we love our Gentle River, and what a lovely story your story of her creaton is!–So first of all, thank you for creating this fantastic place to encourage all of us to try and “do it ourselves”!

    My husband and I are customizing a 2003 EBL–she actually *could* be a SBL(the seller didn;t knw what she was!)–there WAS, in fact, one SBL for sale that year–all the other girls were ebl!!!– I googled the year…so we got T bars for both for types of eyes, just in case.

    I bought a rubber scalp (sort of hard-ish) on ebay too and I thought we could just glue a wig to it. We had to open her up however because her eyes click, but dont work, except by being pushed manually. Think we have a chance of getting this scalp to fit and her eyes to work? Interestingly, there was no spring, even though we hear that click and the eyes close erratically. Was that common, that year, not to have a spring mechanism inside the head? I bought a bunch. Should I use one? Why or why not?

    Thanks so much! I really have BIG dreams for ths girl! I hope the glued on wig is ok!

    I hope that this wasn’t too many questions at once!
    best wishes, jean

  11. Lori

    Whew! I just scalped my Prima Dolly Ashlette and had quite a time getting all the hair off — the front did NOT just pop off at all! Well, It’s my first one so it’s a learning process.

  12. Sarah

    exactly what kind of prying tool should be used?

  13. egoblythe

    I’ve just bought a 3rd version Mondy which does not have boggled eyes. I want to open her to do it, but is it the same technique to open a BL as it is to open a EBL? I need to it before trying….
    Thanks a lot!!

  14. Patricia

    Hello there. I just scalped my ADG doll and was unable to save any of the flanges. I was planning on re-rooting her with mohair. Now I dont know what to do. SHould I get a new scalp since I cut off the flanges on her stock one?? And where can I get a new one?? I have heard that the Cool Cat ones arent so great at fitting on the head and leave a gap. I dont know what to do:(

  15. Ashley-Michael

    Heya Batty, I have an ADG as well, any way you can let me know how your flange-less blythe turned out?
    I’m trying to scalp mine right now, and it’s going pretty well (time consuming as expected), I think…! But I would like to know how your alternate scalp fit, or if you just rerooted… also: Did you have to cut a lot of fixed hair underneath her scalp too? because it’s looking like I’m going to have to!
    Thanks bunches!

  16. Liz

    Hi! I was wondering if an EBL dome must be sawed the same as an SBL…also, I was curious if you can use the same method of carefully prying the faceplate off of an EBL like SBL’s?
    Thanks in advance!

  17. Karen

    HELP PLEASE!! I have just bought my first Blythe with the thoughts of re-rooting her and when she arrived she has a wig glued to her scalp, I have managed to prise it up at the back and there is an awful lot of glue holding her scalp on and quite a big gap where it looks like shes been scalped previously and then glued back badly. Dont want to damage her and not sure what to do! From looking on here she is an early Neo 2001. Will I be able to remove the scalp again without doing serious damage to her?? Thanks!! Karen

  18. Kenny

    Melissa you are my hero.

    So, I’m working on a couple of ADGs, and as you point out the glue makes them really difficult to work with. In removing the scalps, I’ve managed to take off a good deal of flange before and behind. I’ve considered crazy-gluing the front lip of the scalp down when I’m done re-rooting…I’m sure that would keep the scalp in place. I’m also wondering what success you’ve had with punching nail holes in the coolcat blank scalps? Can you suggest other options?

    Thanks so much.

  19. Dan

    How can you replace the spring??? what spring do you use???? where can you get one ?????
    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. monique

      Well you can buy an eye mechanism on ebay for about 30 dollars and that includes the spring but honestly the spring in a Kenner Blythe is just like the one in those ballpoint pens that click so I just took one out of a pen made it “hook” at both ends by pulling the last coil out a bit-and I had a replacement spring that cost nothing at all.

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