Hair – Rerooting Saran – Locked Loop Technique

Before you can reroot her, you will have to scalp her.

blythe doll rerooting toolsFor the whole process, you will need:

    • Tweezers
    • Sharp x-acto knife
    • steel hook
    • Crochet hook – #11-12 (1.0mm)
    • Crochet hook – #13-14 (0.9mm)
    • Rerooting hair of your choice
    • Permanent paint to match the hair (must be water and heat proof – for best results, try V-color or spraypaint specifically made for bonding to vinyl)
    • Masking tape
    • Household iron
    • clean, white handtowel
  1. blythe doll rerootingCut all the original hair down to about an inch long.Turn the scalp inside out and start pulling the loops with the hook. (If you work left to right, you will be able to lift many plugs at once.)Take your time. When you get to the partline, be careful not to pull too hard or you could tear the scalp (the plugs are very close together.)Use the exacto knife to shave any plugs embedded in glue, then tweeze out any lingering hairs.
  2. blythe doll rerooting Here’s the cleaned scalp. You may need to use a rough emery board or sanding pad to knock down any remaining glue.On the outside of the scalp, mask off the bottom row of plugs and spraypaint the scalp with paint appropriate for vinyl in the hair color. Let it dry as per the directions on the can.
  3. blythe doll hair rerootingWorking with small handfuls at a time, wet or gel the hair, and carefully separate it into groups of about 6-8 hairs. (This depends on how thick each strand of hair is. Experiment to find the amount that works the best. Too much hair will tangle, too little will slip through the holes too easily.)
  4. blythe doll hair rerooting I’m showing the technique on a piece of white paper for contrast. Start rooting your scalp at the innermost row of the part (Older scalps have partlines consisting of 2 rows of roots. Recent takaras have 4 rows. If you are relocating the part, give her 4 rows), then proceed to fill in the spiral starting at the crown.Begin by pushing your #13/14 crochet hook (the smaller one) UP from the inside of the scalp. Hold the hook in your right hand.
  5. blythe doll rerooting loop techniqueFold a strand of hairs in half and hook them. Hold it taut in your left hand, while pulling the hook down and THROUGH the scalp with your right hand. (Don’t let go!)
  6. blythe doll rerootingThis pic is showing the underside of the “scalp”.
    Keeping the hook inside the first loop, push it UP through the next hole in line.
  7. blythe doll rerootingFold another strand and place it in the hook. Hold it tight and pull it through the scalp…
  8. blythe doll hair rerooting…pulling it through the previous loop. (Make sure you don’t let the new loop fall off the hook!)
  9. blythe doll hair transplantPush the hook through the next hole. From the outside, pull the first strand, tightening the loop and locking the stitch.Keep repeating the process until the part is done! Then switch to your bigger needle (10/11) and starting at the crown, work your way down the spiral.
  10. blythe doll hair transplantHere’s what the loops should look like as you progress. A few stray hairs will pop up, but should not be too much of an obstacle.When you need to take a break (to prepare more hair or to eat, sleep, etc…) push the needle through the next hole so you don’t drop a stitch!Keeping the hair wet is very important. If you have to, lick the strands before loading them on the hook. (Shampoo her when you’re done!)
  11. To end the rooting, take the last two loops and tie them together, then seal the knot with a clear sealant.
  12. Move on to Thatching and Finishing

55 responses to “Hair – Rerooting Saran – Locked Loop Technique”

  1. Lindsey

    hey! this is my 1st time tryin to reroot and i am haveing some trouble. I srapy painted her scalp. I let it dry overnight. But it is sticky? i was wondering if this is normal. i dont wanna start and find that the hair just gets stuck. I guess i got the wrong spray paint. If it is not sopused to be sticky, then should i sand if off? Oh and thanks for ur tutorials they r very helpful. also that 10% off on saran hair was great!

    thank you

    1. Sky

      I have a question.
      Is it possible to just somehow glue a wig to her scalp instead of entirely rerooting.
      I am 13, and I am very clumsy, so I will probabbly mess up if I do it otherwise.
      Please comment on my blog or email me at “” if you have an answer to my question. Thank you. xxx Sky

  2. Lindsey

    ok thanks!

  3. BlythesBoi

    I am ordering from and was wondering how many skiens and in what sizes I should get them. They have Standard and Large.

  4. Sue(Purple_Tiger)

    BlythesBoi: Go for Large X2.

    Melissa: Thanks for the fab tutorial – you explain things really clearly πŸ™‚

  5. feelthesky

    I have run into disaster! a few of the holes tore while i was pulling. I was thinking about moving the part to the other side anyways but will the hair slip out of the places where it tore?

    also, I dont have the right crochet hook, but I read elsewhere that you can use a needle… but even the smallest one is too big for the holes (and I don’t want to risk ripping any more)

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

  6. feelthesky

    thank you very much for the help! I will do that πŸ˜€

  7. feelthesky

    I’m having the hardest time doing this. the hair keeps falling out of the hook as I am pulling it through the holes πŸ™ I think it’s because I can’t really hold the hair straight with one hand and pull with another. Is there a way to keep the scalp in place while I reroot?

    also, whats the best way to poke new holes? I was thinking a small needle perhaps?

  8. Julie

    I just wanted to thank you so much for your tutorial. I received my Saran Kat-Silk hair this week and did the reroot on my petite blythe. It took me about all day but by evening I had it in and styled and she looks great. I did however, realize that once I got the hair out (and this is probably just for the petite blythes) the hole pattern in her head was very scattered, not a spiral so I had to make some new holes to get a decent spiral pattern but, other than that the reroot went great. Your technique rocks!

    I’m actually waiting for another petite in the mail and plan to do a reroot on her. Thanks again!

    Best Wishes~~Julie

  9. jennifer

    what are some web sites or stores that i can purchase saran and mohair from, also how much do i need to re root my petites?

  10. Mimoko

    Hi Melissa, thanks for all your great tutorials!!!
    I want to reroot one of my girls with human hair, I have as wefted, but I want to do a plug by plug reroot work, so i will cut from wefts.My problem is that hair that I already bought will be shorter than I want if I just fold on half as with saran.Can I fold less, like Mohair, or you mean will not stay or will looks bad? (hair is nicely wavy)
    Thanks for your reply, and for your lovely site!!!

  11. Kristina

    I am not sure if this is an appropriete question for your site, but is the scalp piece of a Blythe doll the same size as a Pullips’? I found an “abused” Pullip that I want to fix, with the technics ou have on your site, and I need to replace the scalp piece…could you lend some insight as to the differences? And if they are similar, where can I get an additional scalp piece? Thank you.

  12. Lelah

    Great tutorial! Now I’m not scared to give it a go on a CoolKat scalp. πŸ™‚

  13. Lauren


    I was just wondering, but, why do you need to paint the scalp?

  14. Melissa

    lauren – because the roots are a bit far apart. if you paint the scalp to match the haircolor, then you won’t see bald spots when you style her hair “up,” like in ponytails or pigtails.

  15. kittenbuttercups

    Could I do it all with just the size 13 hook?

  16. traggedyann


    thank you so much for this tutorial. the pictures made it so easy to follow and i
    didn’t have any problems at all. i scalped a ABG Blythe, fixed her eyes and sleep-
    eyed them, matt-sanded her face and i have my blank slate all ready to create
    something on. all within a few hours. couldn’t have done it without your website. πŸ™‚

    i appreciate this kindness that you are showing
    to all of us dolly people, without people like you, how would we learn, except by
    the hard way, which would mean we would have some spoiled dolls. πŸ™

    this is a great site!



    ps: its amazing how pretty an ABG gets after you get the green eyeshadow and top coat
    off. she has nice pale skin with no greeny look now. yay! i think i’ll keep working on them
    until i have everything down pat, because they are cheaper to buy nude for customizing.

  17. Deneb

    This is an awesome tutorial, but I have a really newbie question. I plan on buying a blank scalp from Coolcat which has no holes….how do you add the holes? Sorry if I missed where this was answered.

  18. Melissa

    Any sharp “needle tool” will work. I use a large sewing needle inserted (securely) into the end of a 1/4″ dowel for adding holes to scalps. If the scalp is fairly soft and you have a steel crochet hook (cheap ones will break off, I have lots of these in the bottom of my toolbox) , you can probably just poke through with the hook.

  19. Deneb

    Melissa- thank you ^_^ so just follow any sort of pattern? I like? I have a Pullip scalp that is rooted I could compare it to, but I wasn’t sure if Blythe’s needed a special pattern.

  20. Melissa

    The typical factory pattern is to do the partline first from the crown to the front and back up, then a spiral all around the head from the crown down.

    Good luck!

  21. Novelty12

    I am having trouble finding some long white saran anywhere, can someone help me?

  22. Cheryl

    Hi This is great. I work with the Barbie dolls. What can u recommend for using your method with Barbie? thanks for any help cheryl

  23. Amp

    These tutorials are great, but how much saran from restoredoll do i need to buy to reroot a whole head? Due to increasing shipping costs I don’t want to end up with too little.

  24. Leonard

    I am very new to blythe and would like to attempt my first reroot. I would like to have the finish hair length to be very long (down to her feet and maybe longer, if possible) Should I order the x-large format or the large formats? How many would i need?
    If I donÒ€ℒt follow the existing holes in the scalp( the circlualr rows of the one I have is very uneven in some areas) will it be obvious and look untidy?
    Thank you for reading.

  25. Ana

    Hello! I am a big fan of your tutorials!

    I am having a hard time. Can only make to about 4 plugs before things mess up. I guess Im not keeping the hair wet enough and I cant seem to make the plugs fast enough! strands from the inner loops are sticking out everywhere.. I cant make the plugs fast enough!
    Any tips on keeping it organized, minimizing the waste of hair, keeping the plugs neatly together…. etc??


  26. Arty

    Hey, this doesn’t really have to do with rerooting, but I’m ordering a wig for my blythe and I was wondering what the under side of a wig is like, and what the best way is to attach it to her scalp… Help! ;P

  27. blythe.collector


    I recommend buying the hair from:
    if you purchase the 38″ Hank at $5 each they are wonderful and soo long!!

  28. morgan

    Hi, I have some questions…

    First, I am purchasing a doll for customizing that doesn’t have a scalp. I’ve seen I can buy a new scalp from Coolcat but it doesn’t have any holes in it…how do I go about rerooting? Do I have to make the holes first or just as I go along?

    Second, I have never done any form of rerooting before and am wondering what is easier to do, saran or mohair? I like the look of mohair better, but would it be harder?

    thanks! -morgan

  29. morgan

    oops, sry i saw someone else already asked my first question!

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  32. Reesa

    Your tutorial makes it so clear that I think even I could re-root my doll’s hair! Thank you!

  33. Tina

    Hey, Tina from here.

    Great tutorial, but for those of you who are worried about scalp splits because the crochet hook is too thick, why not just take the plug of hair, fold it in half, and put the two ENDS of the plug (not the loop, but the two cut off ENDS of the hair that are now together because you folded the plug in half) through the eye of a needle, and then just put the needle through the loop of hair (just like it’s shown in photo 9), and once the needle comes out the other side of the scalp, pull the needle off the hair and secure it? Then, repeat the process again, because you’ll still have the loops on the inside of the head!

    You know, there are a few different methods for rooting dolls, and sells a punch tool that would be a lot quicker than the locked loop technique. For that method, I do suggest that you swab some glue on the inside of the scalp once you’re finished, just to prevent any hairs from coming out. It ends up being very similar to the locked loop technique, except for the fact thatthe loops inside the head never get interlocked, hence the need for the glue.

    Another method would be the needle and thread technique, where the loop of hair is pulled into the head via a thread. This method probably wouldn’t be any faster than the locked loop technique, but it may be easier for those of you who don’t want to use a thick needle, becauseo of course, the concern about splitting the scalp is always an issue.

    As far as how much hair to use, sells hanks of hair intended for Barbie dolls in short, medium, and long lengths. Regardless of which length you choose, I always tell customers that Blythe needs somewhere between one and a half to two Barbie hanks. So if you just order two Barbie hanks, you’ll have probably more than enough hair for Blythe’s head.

    Once you figure out how many hanks YOU need for a Blythe head (everyone roots differently, and some people use more hair in their plugs than other people do), if you find that you only need one and a half Barbie hanks, not two, then you can always order a Barbie hank that’s HALF one color and HALF another color, and we can keep the colors separate for you. That will allow you to order 1 1/2 hanks of color A, and 1 1/2 hanks of color B, and you’ll have enough hair for two Blythe heads πŸ™‚

  34. penny

    WOW! I feel empowered, can’t wait for my “project” Blythe to get here so I can get started.
    Thanks so much for the fab tutorial!

  35. LinaBobina

    I was reading your tutorial on mohair, and I noticed you dyed it. I was wondering if it is possible to dye saran or nylon hair? Or atleast bleach it?

  36. mk carroll » Blog Archive » Heather Knits: Knit Pullip/Blythe Beanie Wig Mod

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  37. Tina

    Saran hair can be dyed with fabric dye, but it won’t take the dye as well as nylon hair will. Saran hair has a waxiness that, I’ve found, repels the dye a bit. But nylon takes dye REALLY well.

    Of course, the hotter your dyebath, the better and stronger your dye will take. Remember, saran hair can withstand extremely hot boiling water, but nylon hair can frizz and melt if the water is too hot, so nylon hair should only come in contact with water that’s been brought to a mild simmer, when the tiny bubbles of air just begin to rise to the surface of the water. Nylon, however, because it takes dye so easily, does not need extremely hot water for a dyebath.

    I know you didn’t inquire about polypropylene hair, but it’s appropriate to mention that it will not take dye at all. It’s completely non-porous.

    Here in the United States, we have Rit Dye. I don’t know what other countries have Rit available to them, but I’ve been told that it’s not available in Germany or the UK. Dylon dye, which is a cold water dye, is available both in the U.S. and in Europe, but I’ve never used Dylon, and I’ve been told that it’s not as effective as Rit.

    As far as bleaching synthetic hair, I read a review on the saran manufacturer’s web site about how saran hair is affected by different chemicals and agents, one of them being bleach. If I recall correctly, they stated that the saran hair’s color was changed by the bleach, but I believe it changed to an orange-y color. If you’ve ever spilled bleach on your carpet, you know that sometimes it doesn’t lighten to white; but instead, it simply becomes a different color.

    I know that carpet fibers are often comprised of nylon/polyester/acetate blends, but I believe that the synthetic hair textile is extruded differently than carpet fibers are. Some nylon manufacturers will mix the pigment directly into the goopy melted nylon before it is extruded through the machine, while other manufacturers will do what’s called “dope dyeing”, where they extrude the hair in its colorless state, and then, after the white hair is spun around the spool, they dip the entire spool into a hot dyebath. I would imagine that dope-dyed nylon would be affected by bleach, but I would think that the nylon with embedded pigment could not be bleached. I am just speculating … πŸ™‚

  38. thea

    Ok i want to reroot my blythe doll but i do not want to mess up the scalp so i am buying an other one to try my first rerooting on it and if it comes out good i will put it on my blythe doll. but what i am worried about is the holes! How do you make them in a blank scalp? Or can you just do it the same way as this tutorial?
    Please Help!!!!!

  39. Melissa

    I would poke them first with a sharp needle. Follow the same spiral pattern that your original scalp has.

  40. Michelle

    I know this may sound stupid, but this is my first time re-rooting..

    I have just bought an Urban Cowgirl and she has a side part. Im not happy with her hair so I am going to re-root it but if I wanted to cut the new re-rooted hair and give her bangs will it make any difference that her hair used to hair a side part? Or am I just worried for no reason?

  41. Melissa


    Bangs are easiest to cut and style on a center part. They also look a bit better (IMO). It’s easy to poke new holes for a center part and just ignore the original holes. You’ll never see them under her new hair. Use a needle or awl for the holes.

  42. Nami

    Is it possible to somehow permanently curl saran hair? Or where could I buy some curly saran hair?

  43. mk carroll » Blog Archive » Oddball Stash Buster: Pullip/Blythe beanie (knit)

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  44. Mandy

    Thank you for posting this tutorial! I have a question though… I wanna give a Blythe dreadlocks. I have an extra scalp, already punched holes in it (started a re-root with crappy hair…) but how do I do this?
    I’m dreading the dreads with wool felt, and think it’s best to leave them ‘double’. Then do I sew them on dread by dread, in the centre? Or should I sew them on sort of strip and then attach that like a weft? (And how does that work exactly?)
    Is there a site that could help me out? Or you maybe?

    Thanx! Mandy

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