Hair – Dying and Rerooting Mohair

The rooting technique’s almost the same – but the fun of mohair is in the dyeing and prepping!
All you need is a box of RIT or other fabric dye, mild dish soap, salt, a pot of boiling water, and a little creativity! This works with most natural hair fibers (not synthetic!)

  1. blythe mohair rerootFor the most versatility and control over your finished color, I recommend you buy bundled mohair. Wefted mohair can be used, but you’ll need to cut it off the weft before rooting it. About 1.5-2 ounces (1.5 yards of weft) is enough to cover a Blythe (SBLs take a little more than EBLs). for the poofy look, buy curly mohair. Wavy or straight mohair will be more smooth.
    If your mohair is very “natural” (meaning there are leaves and twigs in some of the hair) First you will need to carefully cut the rubber-band and gently wash the banded end by rinsing it in warm soapy water. (Do not agitate it much with your hands or the fibers will lock.)Split the bundle into four or five smaller sections. Wet the hair. You will have to add a little soap to break the surface tension and get through the oils in the hair.
  2. blythe mohair rerootSet up your dyebath – for my project, I decided I wanted a varied, dip-dyed look, so I made several small dyebaths of varying intensities. (Ignore the directions on the box – you need a pretty concentrated dye if you want a bold color.) Don’t forget a pinch of salt and soap (this helps break the surface tension of the water, allowing the dye to get into the hair fiber) !Pull out a tiny section of hair and do a test-strip first to acquaint yoursef with how long it will take to achieve the desired color.I used a bamboo stick to hold the tips of my hair out of the dye, since i wanted them very light. I left my hair in the boiling dye for 2 or 3 minutes.
  3. blythe mohair rerootRINSE each section thoroughly in warm water until the water runs clear. Do not agitate them if possible — just let the water run straight through.Different dye baths and soak times will give you different intensities. Notice how dark the “roots” are on some of these pieces.Dye ALL your mohair before planting a single root to avoid mismatching or blotchy results.
  4. blythe mohair rerootWhile the hair is still wet (the hair needs to stay wet while you are working with it – do not store wet mohair for prolonged periods of time, it will rot) pull apart individual plugs. If any locking has occurred, just pull at the knotted area. overly knotted hair may need to be ripped out and thrown away. I like to work at the sink so I can use running water to smooth out my plugs. (Water is the magic ingredient when working with mohair.). Mohair should only be rubbed from root-to-tip. rubbing it in the opposite direction will damage the surface. You can see to the right of the picture that some of the plugs have frizzy ends. Big knots can be easily torn off.
  5. blythe mohair rerootYou’re ready to root! Use larger crochet needles with mohair – I used a #10/11 for the part and hairline, and a #9 for the field.Follow the locked loop technique, but instead of folding each strand in half, fold it about 2-3″ from the cut end to maximize length.The fluffiness of curly mohair means that you do not need to thatch the partline. If you plan to root your scalp without skipping many holes, you may not even want to root a partline. just begin at the crown and spiral down.
  6. blythe mohair rerootSave your tiniest plugs for the hairline, and don’t forget to mix your colors around!Notice that I skipped quite a few holes in the field, but filled every hole (you can get away with every-other hole) in the hairline with a tinier plug.If your un-planted strands dry out, re-wet them. You’ll get big knots and stray hairs if you root them dry!
  7. blythe mohair rerootDon’t be afraid to mix different colors and values of hair – the results will have much more depth than a solid color!Good luck!

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  1. nellie

    Hi are you skipping rows ahen re-rooting? or was that just to make the inside picturre clearer?

    thanks! I love you mohair reroots!

  2. Melissa

    hi nellie: no, I don’t skip rows – the scalp in the tutorial is an aztec scalp, which has really far-spaced rows. The new SBLs have probably three times as many rows as the old BLs!

    when I reroot superiors, I do skip holes (no more than 1 hole skipped at a time though) in the field, but not in the hairline.

  3. nellie

    AH! now it becomes clear ! Thanks so much !

  4. Sadie

    Everyone here is really inspiring… I’ve been sitting on some mohair for months & tonight I went for it. Thanks for the generous tutorial, it’s totally helping – the part is almost complete, whew!

  5. ji-nae

    does the RIT dye adhere beter to the mohair better than saran?or does it still stain the body? and do all RIT dye colors stain the body or is it just sertain colors?
    sorry for all the 21 questions, i just really want to know

  6. Carley

    I’ve just scalped MMRB and I’m wondering if you need to paint the scull cap with a Mohair reroot? I’m rerooting her with four shades of different Dark colours – your thoughts? Thank you so much for this site – it’s unbelievable!!!

  7. Carley

    Thanks Melissa – just bought Tamiya spray colour for plastics, can’t wait to start. Thank you soo much for your advise!!

  8. Carley

    Melissa – I have sprayed the scalp and it seems to stay sticky as you said, how long does it usually take to dry? Do you think I have made the coat of paint too thick? Is nail polish remover safe for the scalp? Your thoughts?

  9. Melissa

    hi carley – give it a couple days, but I think it might never get hard. I use tamiya in jars and I airbrush it on, but I think the kind in spray cans is a slightly different formula because of the propellents.

    Nail Polish remover is fine to use on the scalp. probably the safest bet is to get pure acetone so it doesn’t have other ingredients that are for “human skin”. 100% acetone is available next to fancier nail polish removers at the drug store.

    Sorry your scalp is sticky! Maybe is you can get your money back onthe tamiya. I hope linda chimes in on this discussion, she’s battled sticky scalp in the past too.

  10. carley

    Hi Melissa – Thanks again for your advice! You were right it hasn’t dryed and is still sticky ARRRRHHH!!! Anyway, I will try the acetone trick on it asap
    I’ll let you know the outcome

  11. Carley

    Hi Melissa – I’m doing it !!!! I have to say it is a bigger than I thought I’m rerooting MMRB she has soooo many holes!!! also I have found it makes a real diff using Fabric condition in the’bath’ Thanks again for your help!
    (I guess ‘Lolly’ hasn’t turned up)

  12. momomita

    hello I would like to try rerooting mohair but i have a few quetions still:

    -Where i can buy bundled mohair? and the hook?
    – for rerooting i start from the top ?
    – how much mohair i need for a blythe??

    thankyou very much!!

  13. Lindsey Rose

    I was having the same problem finding the mohair, but I just found this site: just click on mohair at the left.
    She has a nice looking natural mohair in varying lengths, as well as a wide variety of pre-dyed fibers! (I have yet to recieve my mohair, so my only impression is from what is on her site)

    As for the hooks, I would think you could get them at joanns or any other craft/sewing supply store.

    If you want a partline root it first, but you can just start at the top and spiral down skipping the partline since mohair is so fluffy.
    It says at the top that you need 1.5-2 ounces. The length of your mohair shouldn’t change that weight because mohair is usually only available in shorter lengths (the amount the goat can grow in one year!)

  14. Samantha

    Is this how you dye blythe’s hair? Or just mohair?

  15. Melissa

    samantha – this method of heating up RIT dye and dipping in the hair will work on light-colored stock takara blythes.

    Be warned though that it’s best for short haired girls, as blythe hair is synthetic, and doesn’t hold the dye as well as natural mohair. long synthetic hair dyed in dark colors usually stains blythe’s rubber arms or a matted face.

  16. Ani

    Hi Melissa,

    I absolutely love your tutorials, I really don’t know what I’d do without them!
    I’m hoping that you can clear something up for me when you say:

    “Notice that I skipped quite a few holes in the field, but filled every hole (you can get away with every-other hole) in the hairline with a tinier plug.”

    Is the hairline basically the first rows starting from the forehead? How far in do you start skipping rows?
    Also, when it comes to buying mohair, is it the curlier the better? If I go with really curly mohair will it be easy to straighten as well as make loose curls later on(I want to be able to play with the hairstyles now and then)? And lastly, I have the opportunity to buy my mohair directly from a lady who shears and prepares the mohair herself. Do you recommend that the mohair come from a kid or a goat and would you recommend the mohair to be finer or courser?
    I’m sorry for so many (silly) questions it’s just that this is going to be my first mohair reroot and I really want to get it right!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to help newbies such as myself…It’s comforting to now that there’s help just a keyboard away!

  17. Ani

    I’ll be sure to keep you posted.
    You’re so awesome…thanks Melissa!!! =]

  18. Alex

    If I were rerooting an SBL, which you say has about three times as many rows, would I still do all the rows or miss rows?

  19. Alex

    And thanks lots for the tutorial by the way, it’s great 🙂

  20. Tina

    Hi Melissa!

    I’m new to all this as well as the others, and I’m wondering where to buy the curly white mohair. I’ve seen wavy, but I want that poofy look 🙂 Any ideas? Thanks!

  21. Lucy

    Hi Melissa,
    Thank you so much for all the great tutorials!! I’ve learned
    so much. I’ve been rerooting with the mohair and I noticed
    that if I get a knot or even pull at the mohair very much when it’s dry it comes apart. Is this normal? Or is the mohair that I’m using too fragile?
    Thanks so much!!

  22. jennifer

    Any recomendations on where to buy mohair?

  23. maira

    Hello Melissa,
    I really appreciate you share with us all your knowlegde! thank you very much.. that is the open source style 🙂
    I was looking at this tutorial and found that the link on point 5 locked loop technique, doesnt open the page gave a message error 504 page not found!
    Thank you again!
    Kind regards,

  24. Ana

    Hi Melissa, I love your tutorials. I just don’t understand something, when you say: “but instead of folding each strand in half, fold it about 2-3″ from the cut end to maximize length”, doesn’t this make the hair look like some parts are shorter? Or the strand will look “thinner” at the end? I want my hair to be longer as possible but I don’t like the knot method, I prefer your method… Sorry about my English.

  25. Ana

    Thank you, Melissa, for the prompt answer! I wanna it frizzy! 🙂 The knot method is so dangerous, in my opinion, and I don’t like sewing weft, it looks like a wig!

    Thank you very much!

  26. Austin Darling

    Melissa, what about the knot method? How is it the part done? Also where will i find super long mohair that is silky ? i want straight mohair down to knees. can you help?

  27. J

    I have a problem and i need your help…..I used Krylon Fusion spray paint in espresso (dark brown) Over my FTS scalp…….I did the first layer but it still had yellow showing sooooo i sprayed it again now i think i may have oversprayed? Today is day two and its STILL tacky…..any ideas? I dont wanna use Acetone because i think it will eat through this scalp…tell me your ideas because im using super soft straight mohair and i am not going to dare reroot it until this scalp is done being sticky x_x; Help!!!!


  28. Melissa

    J – Was it sticky after the first coat? It sounds like its too thick and needs to be redone.
    Acetone should not damage the rubber scalp. Just be sure to do it in a well ventilated area!

  29. J

    This is the only coat ive done…when i sprayed it the first time i just looked at it then sprayed more >.> Do you think acetone will take that paint off though? Im unfamiliar with it so i have no idea what will happen if i put acetone on there……..Also: If i take it off do i reuse that paint and just do it lighter? x_x!

    Thanks for the quick response this is crazy!

  30. mandy

    wheres the locked loop techinqie, is it a broken link???

  31. Melissa

    Hi Mandy – the “locked loop” tutorial is Here

  32. Christina

    Hello, Help! (if you can!)

    I just did a beautiful Mohair pink & platinum blonde reroot on a cool-cat scalp. It took me a week and I used a No. 2 crochet hook and four wefts. The result was a beautiful thick head of hair. I wanted to wash it so I threw it into my washing machine on delicate wash cycle and OMG! It came out all matted. Just one big dreadlock! I am currently trying to comb it out gently with lots of detangling conditioner but its not working! What an expensive mistake? Any advice?

  33. Melissa


    since mohair is so delicate, I would recommend trying to finger-detangle from the tips to roots. if it is severely matted, you might have a lot of breakage if you comb. run the hair under cool water while you detangle with your fingers.

    This would be a good lesson to spread to other members of the community – handwash only!

    good luck and let us know how it goes!

  34. Christina

    Yes and what a lesson! I couldn’t salvage it. It was soooo matted it resembled underlay or a hessian bag. I made the mistake of putting the hair in washas I have a sheepskin chamoix I use to wash my car with and it comes up a treat from machine washing, so soft and fluffy and luxurious – but its sheepskin! Mohair is quite different. I am a novice at this. Having said that I must admit I have mastered the art of rerooting mohair, I was pleased with the result until the “big wash”. I’ve reordered some new mohair ….. Actually I wouldn’t wash the mohair at all. It doesn’t really need it if purchased already dyed. I buy mine from Teresa’s Tresses in the US.

    Thanks for your input – (‘.’)

  35. mandy

    hi , can normal fabric dye dyes mohair? because I dont seem to be able to find rit dye in england.

  36. Sarah

    Mandy, you can use Dylon in the UK, I believe.

  37. kitty

    can i just say how glad i am i found this site!!! im about to begin customizing my first girl next week and this site is a god send!!! thanks so much girls :o) xxx

  38. Joanne

    Hi – Thanks for some really wonderful and inspiring tutorials! I’ve got an Inspired by Pinafore Purple SBL and almost immediately scalped her as her original hair was just too funky and never did lay right. I realized afterwards that I should have possibly soaked her head to loosen the glue; instead I cut through most of the flanges. I’ve got the gutter where the flanges fit all cleaned out, but I don’t think the scalp will be reusable unless I can successfully do something about the gap (I didn’t get it evenly cut off, it’s a little crooked). So I’m wondering, has anyone tried doing a mohair root on a Cool Cat scalp? I was hoping to be able to make a fresh start but am thinking it may really be a challenge esp at the hairline trying to get the holes close together. Also, I think I’m going to sand matte her face as well if I can get her head apart without breaking her, and may try gently sandblasting rather than sanding (I use a high-detail sandblaster in my business). Going to try that on the back of her head first… 🙂

  39. Amanda

    Hi Melissa! I just finished my first mohair reroot thanks to your AMAZING tutorials! I got my gals scalp completely done in under two days!!! However, I am unsure as how to knot the hair when finished, so I can seal it. Also, I purchased my doll ready to customize (ie: I did not scalp her myself) Do I just glue it back on? Thanks so much for the tutorials and all the amazing things you place on your site! It has been very helpful!

  40. Lana

    HI, i was wondering if anyone can tell me where to get good qulity, white, curly mohair? I plan on coloring it myself as I am a hirstylist, but can’t find any that looks evenly textured and white. I want it really funky. Thanks everyone.

  41. gabiliscious

    Hi there.I just purchased some mohair….but it’s still attached to the skin (leather i assume) it’s fairly short…if i used to loop lock i will end up with some UBER short hair…is there another way to root is to keep the lengh?Sorry if this has been posted before…just can’t find it

  42. RaeJillian

    i am just curious as to the length of your mohair. it looks so long, but i can only find mohair that it 5-6 1/2 inches long. will that work? thanks a million!

  43. Gypsy_King

    Im just about to customize a Blythe for my girlfriend but am having the same problem as RaeJillian.
    Im going for a shocking pink colour and have even gone as far as looking at wefts to cut up for the hair but cant get any long enough. Ideally i need 11 inch in either natural white or died blonde but the max i can get is about 5-6 inch. (Ideally i want really frizzy / curly)
    Im in the UK and pretty much everything i’ve bought so far has been imported – its costing a small fortune.
    Does anyone have any ideas??

  44. Zanalee

    Will there ever be a tutorial on how to dye Blythe ADG hair?

  45. Cynthia


    This tutorials are great! They helped me a lot when I changed my RBL eyechips and she came out great!
    Now I have another challenge: I’m bought a customized SBL blythe with mohair but it looks very tangled and dirty. Is it possible to wash it and soften it? and after washing it, should I just let it dry in the sun, in the shadow or do I have to do something else to re-style it?
    Thanks a lot!!!!

  46. Melissa

    treat matted mohair like a delicate wool sweater. use woolite/woolwash to clean it without agitating it much. use a wide toothed comb or your fingers to pick out the knots (this is a very slow and careful process, try not to snag/pull the hair). Good luck! she may lose a little hair but generally they fluff up pretty well.

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