Makeup – Pastel Chalks

Pastel Eyeshadow and Blush is a great option if you want to experiment with soft makeup colors before committing to airbrushing or change your mind frequently. You will need to buy a small set of Chalk Pastels (not oil pastels), and sand-matte your Blythe first. It is difficult to get deep colors out of pastels – for intense makup, we recommend Airbrushing.

  1. Blythe Pastel MakeupChoose your Pastel colors and draw on a white piece of paper with them, creating a fine dust on the surface. combine colors by drawing them alongside eachother. Wash your hands after handling the pastels so you don’t leave fingerprints on your Blythe.
  2. Blythe Pastel MakeupTear a cotton ball in half and swirl it in the powder. Gently blow on the cotton ball to remove big clumps of dust. You can also use a makeup brush.
  3. Blythe Pastel Makeup Gently tap and swish the color onto your blythe’s face in the desired area. Don’t rub the color in, you will pack the pastel into the matte surface and create a shine. Try layering different colors for different effects.
  4. Blythe Pastel Makeup Blythe Pastel Makeup Blow off any excess powder left on her face. If you end up with smudges around her eye socket or fingerprints on her face, gently sand them off with your extra-fine sanding sponge or magic eraser that you used to matte her.
  5. Blythe Pastel Makeup You can also use the sanding sponge to shape the eyeshadow before applying the blush. Here I have sharpened the corner of the eye.
  6. It is not necessary to seal the pastels, but you will have to re-apply the makeup after a few months. I personally don’t use matte sprays, but if you choose to seal the makeup, I recommend Mr. Super Clear.
  7. To remove pastel makeup, gently sand her face with your extra-fine sponge and blow the dust away. Do not get the pastels wet.

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  2. ameliapeel

    very helpful.. thanks

  3. moe eperdu

    why is it not possible/good to wet her face to get rid of her make? i am new to blythes (she’s on her way). i’m just scared that if i keep changing her make up, eventually there will be nothing left of her!!!

  4. blythesa

    Hello, could you please tell me the difference between semi-gloss and Flat to seal the made up on blythe. As Flat looks to dull to me, but I may afraid the semi-gloss will looks as shiny as original blythe. Please help me… thx a lot

  5. dollra

    hi, may i know is it all soft pastel will do just like what we have for art class. or is it a pastel for blythe doll or dolls

  6. Melissa

    dollra – yes, just regular soft pastels from the art supply shop.

  7. Melissa

    blythesa – flat means flat – no shine. it leaves a matte finish.

    gloss = maximum shine

    semi gloss = somewhere between matte and shiny, also called satin, eggshell, etc…

  8. Hrist

    If you use a matte sealer, you can intensify the colors with pastels by putting another layer on top of the first. Each layer will make it will get darker than the last. (this is how most ball jointed doll owners do the eyeshadow/lips/blushing for their dolls so it should work the very same way)

  9. Michele

    Your tutorials are fantastic!! I was wondering if this pastel technique would work for repairing rubs on cheeks? My Alex’s face got a little too friendly with my coat buttons when I was carrying her home from a photo shoot. She now has streaks on one cheek 🙁 Probably not noticeable to anyone but me, but at the same time… Any advice would be great! Thanks!!

  10. Michele

    I forgot to mention that her face isn’t sand matte, it is stock RBL, and I’d like to not change it if possible…

  11. Li

    Hello, I was wondering if you could make a tutorial for airbrushed makeup sometime. I’m fairly good at using an airbrush (for clothing and such) but I would like to know how to do airbrush makeup. Thanks.

  12. Bebe

    Hello! I was just wondering if M.A.C eye shadows and blushes for people can be used on blythe?? I have tons of M.A.C loose eye shadow pigments which basically would be pretty much the same thing as the pastel dust..

  13. morgan

    love your tutorials!!! cant wait to try! you should do a tutorial on airbrushing!

  14. Dominica


    I’m really new to customizing Blythe. I would really appreciate a guide to airbrushing make-up, but even more I would love a guide to changing skin tones. I.e. what paints would you recommend that are true to skin tone, and how to apply. I figured airbrushing would be a good technique. I hope you can help me out!!! Thanks!

  15. Zanalee

    How can I make a black blythe? I can’t find any for sale anywhere?

  16. Dominica

    I agree Zanalee, I’m looking to adjust my blythes’ skin tones as well.

  17. Oneeyedcat796

    Hi, I want to sand matte my Friendly Freckles but am worries about losing her freckles. Is there any way to recreeate the same freckles on her?

  18. Cammyrinoa

    Hmm..i did try to use the pastel to make over my baby but it seemed that it gv a very light result. Shall i put more on her? And another question is i wanna ask instead of using Mr Hobby MSC, can i use Tamiya flat clear coat? Its very hard to get the MSC unless i order it from Japan. TQ!!!

  19. Bia

    Hi there!
    Just wondering if alcohol can be used to remove the pastel makeup on a sandmatted ADG or Takara Blythe (instead of sanding the poor thing all over again…)
    Thanks for a great tutorial!

  20. Catherine

    Hi !

    Great tutorial ! I’m new to Blythe and just starting to think about customising hair, make up etc.
    Would you use this method for eyeliner too ? I’ve seen a lot of Blythes with thick black eyeliner and want it too !

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  22. GiGi

    thanks! this is soooo helpful, i think I’m gonna do it! I finally have the courage

  23. Lilian

    Can you use gloss on pastel without ruining it? If for example I want to use pastel on lips?

  24. Ariane

    Lilian, I used pastels and watercolor pencils on my girls’ lips and sealed it with a spray before applying the gloss varnish and it worked like a charm and looked very good. I wouldn’t try applying gloss directly on the pastel though.

  25. Auds

    Has anyone tried using pastels on the eyelids? How is the effect?

  26. Candice Maretti

    Im glad I located this blog, I couldnt find any knowledge on this subject matter prior to. Also operate a niche site and in case you are ever interested in a little bit of guest writing for me please feel free to let me know, i’m always look for people to check out my website. Please stop by and leave a comment sometime!

  27. freya

    I want to do eyeliner on my blythe but I don’t know if I should use acrylic paint or pastel chalks.

  28. LindainCO

    Great Tutorials!
    I followed your directions, sanded and repainted my Blythe, but when I used Mr Clear Coat, it left two areas with whiteish splotches? Did I spray too much there?
    Otherwise, I am very happy with her, and hope to get my nerve up to change her eye chips soon.

    1. Myles

      LindainCO you may have touched those areas whilst the MSC was wet 🙂

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