Middie Eyelid Lift, aka “Boggling”

Middie’s eyelids are fixed in place, making it seem tricky to change their position, All you need is some thin masking tape and a nail file!

  1. Follow the Instructions to open her up and remove the eyelid assembly. Remove the lashes with tweezers. The lashes are not installed with water-soluble glue, so water will not help.
  2. Using thin tape as a guideline, tape off the lids, leaving about 1mm of the front edge showing. The tape is to ensure you remove an even amount from both lids.
  3. Gently file with a nail file. Make sure you follow the same angle on both lids. File until you reach the tape. Remove the tape and sand any rough edges with fine sandpaper. If you are not sure how much you want to remove, it’s best to sand a little and test, then sand some more. Remember, eyelids don’t grow back!
  4. Do a test fit (no need to re-install screws yet) to ensure you are happy with the amount of lid showing.

4 responses to “Middie Eyelid Lift, aka “Boggling””

  1. Care

    How did you put the lashes back in? Is there a groove for them, as with larger Blythes, or are they attached behind the eyelid (since there is no worry about opening or closing eyes)?

    1. Ella

      There is a small groove so you can slot them back in x.x.

  2. Joelle

    Ready to Boggle my Middie Blythe. And like the tutorial, I would like to change her eye chips during the process. Having a hard time time trying to find eye chips for Middies. And suggestions?

    1. Kyi

      If you have found chip yet, I sell Middie Hand painted Eye Chips in my shop on Etsy at http://www.MyDeliciousBliss.Etsy.com

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