Hair – Factory Fringe Repair – Better Bangs!

If you’re like me, you get frustrated when Blythe’s stock Bangs are cut too short for your taste, or when you brush your Blythe’s Bangs and little chunks of longer hairs mysteriously appear in the middle of her forehead. Here’s my technique that not only corrects uneven cuts, but also allows you to add length to choppy short bangs. The end result is bangs that behave themselves! This is an intermediate tutorial that is best for people that are already confident at cutting bangs and have nice sharp haircutting shears.

  1. Pull your Blythe’s longer hair into a ponytail so you can focus on her bangs. Begin by teasing the hair around her temples (that tends to be much longer) toward the center of her face. You may lose a few bits of her thatching in the front, but don’t pick apart the thatching on purpose. Let it happen naturally as needed. Spend a good amount of time working the hair from the outside in to the middle until you have a nice solid line of hair covering up all her shorter hairs.
  2. Use an invisible line just at her eyelashes as a guide (pink). You want her bangs to look as solid as possible over this line. When you are satisfied, cover her head in a wet towel and press with an iron at a cotton setting to lock the hair in place. If you could not pull enough hair from the sides of her bangs to cover up her shorter bangs, you may need to undo the ponytail and pull small sections of longer hair that is directly next to the bangs (shown in green – about another 1/2″ back at the partline) to cover any gaps. Press again with the iron if you added more hair
  3. You are ready to cut! Use sharp barber shears. I almost always cut directly above the eyelashes (close her eyes so you don’t nip off any lashes) because when it dries, it results in bangs that hit exactly above the eye.
  4. Remember that you can always remove more later, but after this point, it is hard to “grow” them back, so err on the side of “too-long”.
  5. while they are still damp, push the bottom edge up with your finger. they will dry with a nice little curl to them. You will probably find a few stray long hairs as it dries that need to be evened out. Take your time and you will be rewarded!
  6. This is the length you will get if you put the bangs in curlers or use a low-temp curling iron. Perfect!

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  1. st_catherine

    Fantastic–thanks for the tutorial, I’ve been meaning to lengthen my FruPu’s bangs.

  2. poopychun

    she’s soooo beautiful! XD Thanks for all the tips puchimel! πŸ˜€

  3. Cindy

    eee! awesome tutorial! My GR arrived yesterday, and has been waiting patiently for a hair treatment!

  4. Helena

    Twig is a cutie! πŸ™‚ And yay for tutorials so there’s a hope to see less of “factory cowlicky” bangs out there. πŸ˜‰

  5. yatabazah

    Excellent! As always, the most concise, thorough tutorials..

  6. dolly*hex

    Very handy, cheers πŸ™‚

  7. Leah

    Wonderful, I feel like I finally get it! Sorry I didn’t get my Ichigo to you in time to be your tutorial girl though!

  8. jemgirl

    Thanks so much for this tutorial, Melissa! I fixed my Adelaide (GR)’s bangs today – they look a MILLION times better! πŸ™‚

  9. mo

    thank you so much. Gentle river needs to be restored.

  10. ghislaine

    neato! i still haven’t deboxed by GR, but this will come in handy when i need to fix those bangs!

  11. Samantha

    I love Twig!
    Thanks for the awesome tutorial.

  12. Tracy

    Hi , Can I please ask what I should use to ‘brush ‘ hair and to tame long hair frizz at ends-where it seems to be a little ‘bushy’
    many thanks

  13. Tracy

    Hi Melissa, I have ASG Love n lace. Her hair is quite strange in that it straggly /slightly thicker/bushier at ends, but kind of in ‘tendrils’ up to the scalp, like if you separate strands by putting hair gunk on (your own hair that is). It does not feel silky & floppy like my girl PD Violet, who’s hair is lovely.Love n Lace’s hair also tangles easier and gets everywhere in an unruly mess. I am assured she is new, so I don’t think anyone has messed with it.
    Your site is a diamond!
    thanks again

  14. Michelle

    Great tut, Melissa! I’ve always wondered how your got those gorgeous bangs for your girls.

  15. Tara White

    Hi there, Thankyou in advance for taking the time to help other clueless Blythe lovers such as myself…I have only a few dolls(two are ADG,s) and have never attempted to alter my dolls in any way… however, I just received a Rosey Red Encore by post today and I am very unhappy with her hair…it has a greasy and stringy quality and I’m not particularily fond of all of the layers…do you have any hair washing/styling tips that might help her. Thanks.

  16. Helena

    I am in the process of trimming my GR, and I went to this page, just in case. πŸ˜‰

  17. jueline

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I will try fixing my MBF fringe later.

  18. Tracy

    Hi, sorry Melissa, I know this is the wrong article section, but I can’t find the right one and I have a medical emergency! Please help! My ADG LovnLace Sorcha, is suffering from black stains on her legs & toes due to stripey black & pink tights I left on for 10mins!! What can I do to remove offending marks?. My girl isn’t having much luck- her hair is still a mess as I haven’t the courage to wash it & her eyelashes pinged back to being crooked after days of being unceremoniously stuck up with sticky tape!!! The hair & lashes I can love her for,peculiar to her ( as I’m not getting rid of her), but black stains are too much . PLEEEEEEEEASE help us!!!It’s white sheer tights after this I can tell you.Thanks in advance??

  19. Lelah

    ^^ Have you tried a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?

    Thank you for this tutorial! My MBF Tati had horrible hair, and I’ve already had to deep condition her and trim her whole head. The fringe repair is next!!

    It’s funny how we pay good money for these beautiful dolls, but then end up having to “fix” them. I don’t mind- I think it’s all part of the fun.

  20. Melissa

    Tracy – stains from tights was one of the first lessons I learned about, too! white liners are a must in the future.

    have you tried peroxide-based acne cream (oxy 10) on the stains yet? it might be a bit harsh, test in an inconspicuous place first. It works on Takara’s rubber but I am not sure how different the ADG material is. you put the cream on the stain and set it in a sunny window or under a warm (not hot) lamp.

    lelah – I agree, it is part of the fun πŸ™‚

  21. amelia

    what I’d actually like to find out is how to cut the slanted bangs. the type that looks as if it is swept to the side. Is there a technique that does that or is it impossible to do with a blythe doll’s hair?

  22. Peggy

    Do you think this teqnique would work on an ADG (Medievil Mood)? Her bangs are way too short.

  23. Peggy

    It worked like a charm! I love her new bangs.

  24. Gracie

    Hi melissa!
    I wonder if you could help me? my IH’s bangs are too short for my liking but I cant get them to the right length for cutting without basically cutting the rest of her hair off…
    thanks πŸ™‚

  25. melissa

    Hi Gracie,

    Do you have a picture of her?

  26. fotokaper

    wow so cool.
    i had this problem too .. with my WW bang..

    will Sally has bang pro. too ..? anyone noe? ..

  27. tam

    hi melissa,
    I have a msr who has a terrible “cow lick”, her fringe has a nasty middle part, would doing this help to fix it? thanks

  28. Melissa

    tam – I have had dolls with the same issue, and this does help.

  29. Reesa

    I love this information! Thanks so much for the excellent, clear instruction. Ò˜º

  30. Cammyrinoa

    Can we using the hair iron to curl the blythe hair? Will it get spoil or burn?

  31. Aileen

    Question – which Blythe is the model ? x3
    thanks for the tutorials, very helpful!

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  33. Masumi suzuki

    Hi i have a blythe simply lilac and i have a huge problem there’s always a hole between the fringe i cant seem to fix it it irks me zo much do you know something i could do?

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