Eye Mechanism Removal – all Neo Blythes

BL, EBL, SBL Models: Before you can open her head, you will have to scalp her. (no need to scalp RBL or Middie to open the head)

  1. Blythe Eye removalFor all models: With a pair of tweezers or a tiny crochet hook, reach into the square hole on the back of her head and unhook the spring, letting it pull back into the head. Remove the two small screws (RBL: 3 small screws) and put them in a safe place. If she is a BL or EBL girl, just open up the front and back halves of her head. If she is SBL, you will have to cut across the dome. There may be a layer of glue across the seamline that prevents easy opening. If this is the case, just sand down the glue until the seam is revealed and you can get her open. if she is RBL, read this tutorial
  2. opened blythe headOnce the head is open, loosen the  screw below the eyemech  remove the t-bar. put it in a safe place.
  3. prying out blythe's eye mechanismInsert your prying tool (a broad flat-headed screwdriver wrapped in masking tape works well) into the space between the socket joint and eyelid plastic on HER RIGHT SIDE. Pry the whole mechanism down and out. (Go slowly – it takes quite a bit of force, and you will probably have to get your other hand involved by gently pulling the side of her face outward.) You should not have to gouge up the plastic. If you think you are damaging anything you need to get a more blunt tool and try again. You may also want to try using just your hands – with practice, you can squeeze at the crown and chin with your left hand and pull the eyes out with your right hand. the right-side of the eyemech is easier to pull out than the left. If you’re having a hard time squeezing with your left hand, try gently pinching the head between your knees.
  4. blythe eye mechanismCarefully unclip the white arc.
  5. Blythe eye mechanismUse your prying tool to pop the eyeballs out of the lids (slide your masked-screwdriver between the eyeball and socket and pry gently). The right side of the mech will pull out easier than the left since the rod is shorter on that side.
  6. blythe eye mechanismMake a mental note of how everything goes together on the rod and then slide all the pieces straight off. Don’t twist or bend the rod.

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  1. Sand-Matting

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  2. Emmy-Lou

    Thanks so much, I was worried when I was pulling her apart that I might do some damage so with a quick Google I found all the info I will need to start my girl, Jeanette’s extreme makeover.
    Keep up the good work, this info is excellent!!

  3. Sofia

    I just received my new “Save the Animals” Blythe in the mail today, New in original boxes and all.
    I used the pull ring twice to change the eyes, and all of a sudden the cord got about 3/4″ longer and it no longer is able to change the eye color.

    I can still change it manually, but this is very upsetting, as I am new to Blythe and have 3 others on the way… it is discouraging. Especially since this is an SBL doll, and there is a lot of work involved in opening up the head.

    Has anyone had this issue before? If so, what is it, and how can it be fixed?

    The cord is still knotted in place to the eye mechanism, and nothing is rattling around Blythe’s head, so nothing broke off and came loose. But something is definitely not right. I’ve been reading about replacing the pull cord without opening up the head, but I don’t think it’s a cord replacement issue. Maybe something is wrong with the arch?

    Help please!!!!

  4. Des


    I’m not sure if anyone is still checking these, but just in case, I was wondering if there is a trick to unclipping the white arc (step 4). On my SBL Blythe (enchanted petal) the skin-toned parts that hold the clip in place extend well above the edges of the clip, and they don’t seem to be very flexible — I’ve tried squeezing them together, and they won’t budge.

    If anyone has any tips, I’d really appreciate it.

    If not, I guess I’m wondering whether or not it’s possible to replace the eye chips, eyelashes, and airbrush the eyeshadow WITHOUT disassembling the whole eye mechanism?

    Thanks again for any help!

  5. Opheliax

    Does anyone know anything about Basaak/Blybe eyemechs? My budget is low and I’m worried about opening up a genuine Blythe and might acquire a Basaak/Blybe to experiment on. Is the eyemech the same?

  6. goblyn

    I recently bought a Blybe and was able to get the eye mech out useing this tutorial. The eye mech in a Blybe is not enitrly alien so fear not! 🙂

  7. orla

    should you try customising a neo and opening her head when it’s your first neo?
    i’m scared

  8. dolly doolittle

    HELP! I popped her head off (pushing her against the floor with my body weight), then unscrewed the t-bar , but never managed to remove the eye mech. if i had pushed any harder i would have damaged the plastic for sure. so then i attached the sleepy eye string anyway (if i had only known i didn’t have to take out the eye mech to do so! i did everthing the tutorial said and popped and screwed her back together. but now her eyes won’t change! the sleepy eye cord works, but not the original eye-changer one! what have i done wrong? i popped her open again, but everything looks right to me compared to the pics in the tut. please help! i’ll never open her again once she’s fixed!

  9. dolly doolittle

    nevermind! i fiddled around with the t-bar screw (tightening + loosening) and then tried pulling from a different angle: finally it worked! i thought i had blew it. now her head’s back on forever haha! thanks for the tutorial. i’m just not the most practical girl.

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