hair – Cutting Perfect Blythe Bangs

  1. blythe bangs First you have to section off the hair that will become the bangs. Sort out a triangular area, going about 1/2″ back from the hairline in the middle, and tapering to two points (on mine I used an imaginary line along the outside of her eyes).
  2. blythe bangsBundle the section in a rubber band well below her face. Tease them so they are solid and even across her forehead. (If you pull them straight down, you will have a lump in the middle because the part is thick. Spread the hair from the part out to avoid the bulge!) I used a headband to hold them in place, a scrunchie would work too. Just use something cotton so it won’t be hurt by the iron! Also make sure that the rest of her hair is smooth and the part is perfect. Any hairs out of place will stay that way after step 3!
  3. blythe bangsHeat up your iron to a high cotton setting. Mine goes from 1-7, I used #6 setting. Steam is not necessary, but won’t hurt.Here’s the important part – put a WET towel completely over her head, covering all exposed hair. Press around her hairline area and across her forehead with the hot iron – it will make a sizzling sound and there should be lots of steam from the hot towel. Keep it moving around for at least 30 seconds. If you hear it stop sizzling, the towel is too dry – dampen it again. Look under the towel often and comb through any bangs that look out of place
  4. blythe bangsTake off the towel and headband, but not the rubber band – make sure there are no gaps in the fringe! If it looks good, you can unplug your iron. If not, tease them as needed and repeat step 3.
  5. blythe bangs While the hair is a little damp from the steam, cut to the desired length with sharp scissors. Take small snips at a time and use a fine-toothed comb to control it. Cut it a little longer than you want the final product – they will shorten up about 1/8″ as they dry out.You can always take more off once they dry and settle into their natural position.

Feathered Bangs  Â

blythe bangsFor feathered bangs, follow steps 1-3 above, but cut the hair MUCH LONGER than you want the final bangs (about an extra half inch, or in the center of the eye-hole). Holding your scissors vertically (parallel to the strands of hair) begin taking small, quick snips off of the tips of the hair until you have achieved the desired length and shagginess. feathered bangs look great on B-hair with a slight curl (just about all of them except LM, AB, and Piccadilly have “curly” hair).

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  1. Dana

    I’ve got the same question as Louisa above. I just got my first Blythe, a Milky Way Sugar, and I’d like to give her bangs, but she’s got a side part. Would this work just as well with a MWS?

    1. Neucimar

      I just gave a bang tomy Asheleteand she has a sidepart too. It got perfect!

  2. Reesa

    I am enjoying reading all the info about Blythe. I just received my Blythe today. She is an Ashton Drake Pleasant Peasant blonde. I love her just the way she is!
    I am interested in trying your ironing method for the hair — but not on my new Blythe! I have lots of Barbies that could use a new hair style; in fact this is what I bought them for, to refurbish and make them OOAK.

  3. Vicky

    what about pullips? My Xiao Fan needs her hair trimmed as the ends are becomeing frayed >.

  4. Vicky

    Just tried it with my straining iron and it worked out ok.. I got the kinks out of her hair but it’s not perfect. I’m going to try doing it with an iron when my mom is around.

  5. Honey


    I just bought my first Blythe on eBay and I really want her to have lovely straight bangs. She’s a Pow Wow Poncho. Do you know if I can get good results with her type of hair? Thanks! 😀

  6. Barbara Flemming

    Great post, i’ve been looking around online trying to find the best hair straightener for ages, this has really help me out.

  7. Kik

    Thank you very much for a good patten. I will make for my lovely blythe eiei.

  8. Cara

    How hard is it to cut bangs on an Ebony? and is it done like shown above? I’m just nervous about messing her up.

  9. Melissa

    I’ve cut my ebony’s bangs using this technique and I think they came out great

  10. Allegra

    Does anyone have any tips for cutting bangs on shorter-haired dolls? I was thinking of cutting my Honey Bunny’s hair, but she doesn’t have enough to tie it in front like in step 2.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  11. dolly & lolly

    Thanks for this handy tutorial 🙂

  12. Kat

    Hi i would like to know if this works with american girl dolls. Please respond immediately.

  13. Marva

    Okay, maybe this is a stupid question, but how do you hold the dolls still and make sure they don’t move while your’re cutting their hair? My teenagers tried holding my Pleasant Peasant when I was trying to trim her hair and it did not work at all… Thanks!

  14. Melissa

    Marva – I usually squeeze their legs/torso in my knees (I’m seated in this scenario)

  15. Gabbie

    This wroked sooooooo well on my Bohemian Peace! Thank You so much! <3

  16. MIchelle

    Very informative article! This works so great! Thanks a lot.

  17. best epilator

    Thanks for making this so easy! More power! -Michelle

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    congrats on a very good tutorial. thanks a lot!


    love your post! thank you.

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    good tutorial. helped me big time! thanks.

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    i’ll try this one soon. thank you

  22. Pauline

    Thanks for this tutorial! It does seem a bit complicated and customizing my dolls can be very intimidating. But this will definitely come in handy!

  23. Janet Rollings

    Very sexy! Many thanks for an excellent, easy-to-follow tutorial. Much appreciated. 🙂

    – Jan

  24. Anna

    This could very well be applied to real hair. Well, of course, without the ironing part. Haha. Thanks for this. 🙂

  25. oyster

    hi there,
    i’ve just re-rooted her hair using the sewing method.
    the type of hair is from coolcat ebay.
    but after cutting the bangs, it opens up like a fan, not pretty. ;(
    it does not lay flat on her forehead even after much ironing…
    keep sticking out and upwards away from the forehead…
    upset…. any advice?
    oh btw i didnt cut it too short, length is like what you’ve posted in the picture.

  26. Hemelvaart 2012

    Good article and good writing!

  27. Georgiapeach

    I just used this guide and it worked perfectly! I am so happy with the result and this is super easy to do, just be patient 🙂 thanks so much!!


    Where exactly did u actually obtain the points to compose ““hair
    – Cutting Perfect Blythe Bangs”? Thanks -Jim

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    Thank you! It’s very useful 🙂

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