Pet Poodle

mini poodle pattern
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Illustrated Instructions

  • Description: small pet poodle
  • Difficulty: Medium/hard
  • Tips: Use felt for all pieces. Do not add a seam allowance to the pattern. Sew by hand.

3 responses to “Pet Poodle”

  1. Sammy


  2. Leslie Glenn

    Oh Thank you!!! My Nieces are getting these for Christmas! Thanks so much for taking the time (I know its a lot of time) for publishing your patterns and illustrated instructions.

  3. Donna Rae

    I love all your patterns, but this one of the poodle is just sooooo perfect. The little toung out ant the eyes. It fits their personality perfect. Its been years since I have had a poodle and all the memories came flooding back when I saw this picture. I am def. Going to sew this on up!!!Donna

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