Pet Lamb

mini lamb pattern
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Illustrated Instructions

  • Description: small pet lamb with bendy legs
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Tips: Use felt for all pieces. Do not add a seam allowance to the pattern. Sew by hand.

10 responses to “Pet Lamb”

  1. J*me

    The cutest lambie ever!!! ♥

  2. Gail

    I love this! But one question, what is, and where can I find “cake wire”? I’ve searched cake supply stores but come up empty!


  3. Christina


    Hopefully if you can find a specialist cake decorating store they will have it, but if not you could substitute florist wire as well or any thin wire. I just like the cake wire because its wrapped in paper and comes in a good variety of thicknesses. Cake decorating courses in your area might be able to put you on to a supplier?

  4. Gail

    Thanks a million!

  5. Selise

    You can also use pipe cleaners

  6. Sammy

    YAY PIPE CLEANERS!!! *jump up and down cuz i got a whole thing of em and finally have a use for them* =DDDD

  7. Sammy

    -o- oh my gosh mine was a disaster
    xDD it looks like an alien or somethin x.x

  8. Raetta

    I would like to see Sammy’s little lamb! I probably would like it!

  9. Maaike

    I’m making one right now. ^___^
    So cute! <3

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