Lati Yellow Hooded Sweatshirt

Lati doll Dress Pattern

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  • Description: Lati Yellow sized hooded sweatshirt.  May fit similarly sized 6.5″ dolls.
  • Difficulty: Medium-hard.  Not for first-time sewers.
  • Tips: Use t-shirt weight cotton knit.  Experiment with length for a hoodie dress.


  1. hand-hem the curved edges of the front pocket. set this piece aside.
  2. Begin making the main body as if you are sewing a raglan-sleeved tee shirt – place one sleeve on top of the shirt-front, right sides together, lining up the curved shoulder seam. sew.
  3. repeat with the other sleeve to the other shoulder.  If you spread your piece out flat, it will resemble the letter T.
  4. Now sew the two “back” pieces to the remaining  curved sleeve edges, right sides together.
  5. Fold the “wristband” piece (right-side-out) and line up the cut edge to the raw end of the right-side of the sleeve. sew.  repeat on the other sleeve
  6. Fold the whole piece along the center of the sleeves, giving you an inside-out-shirt.  Sew along the underarm seams.
  7. line up the bottom-edge of the pocket you made in step one with the bottom-edge of the shirt front. Fold the waistband piece in half and line its cut-edges up with the picket and shirt stack.  Sew the bottom seam through the stack. You will be sewing through 4 layers of fabric.
  8. You can hem the neck now for a standard sweatshirt, or leave the neck raw and add the hood next.
  9. hem the front (straight) edge of the hood.
  10. Fold the hood piece so that right sides are together, and sew the curved edge to make the back of the hood. Leave the neck seam raw.
  11. Now line up the raw neck of the sweatshirt to the raw neck of the hood (right sides together) and sew.

23 responses to “Lati Yellow Hooded Sweatshirt”

  1. Rosa

    I love this pattern. I finally made one of these on Saturday – a present for someone who wants to have a little Lati Skateboard gang and is lending me a dolly to play with – I have 3 more to go. I am so happy I finally made it – it’s incredibly cute. The tricky part is adding enough snaps in the back and the front pocket.

  2. Ziyan

    Is there a blythe pattern for thiS? I love love love hoodies =)

  3. Reita

    This looks cute~^_^ I was wondering if there will be instructions for this? o.o;; I can’t really figure it out O3O;;

  4. Debby

    Hi, I am also wondering if there will be instructions for this one, as I can’t quite figure out how it goes together. The back piece says to cut it on a fold and so does the front. In the pic you have of yours, it doesn’t look like the opening is in the front, so I assumed it was in the back, but then why is it cut on a fold and how do you attach the hood.
    Would like to say Thank you so much for these adorable patterns. I finally figured out how to print them the right size and I just love them.
    Thank’s for any help you can give on the hoodie pattern!!

  5. janet

    looks like a great pattern I think maybe what is causing confusion is the little circle sign. only the front . sleeve and hood are placed ON the fold ,on the back,waistband and wristband that sign denotes ‘fold here’ Maybe for the hood.. try butting the two back pieces together and treat that as one piece of fabric to sew the hood to ? IF that works then you could put hooks and eyes on the back opening to keep it closed.. that’d butt the edges together .that sounds Ok in theory anyway LOL.. that’s what I’m going to try

  6. Rachael

    Would this fitr Blythe? I’ve been looking everywhere for a hoodie pattern for my Blythe

  7. Ion

    Thanks for posting this! With a little modification I was able to make hoodies for my kamar dollies!

  8. Lo

    how much does it cost? the doll

  9. Danielle

    This is so cute! I’m definately gonna make one!

  10. Stine

    To enlarge the pattern to fit a Blythe you can enlarge it to 200% on a copy machine.

  11. smudge

    I’m having trouble getting this to print out to scale with the 6 inch measurement. I’ve tried printing direct from the site and opening it up as a saved file. Can anyone shed some light for me please? Thanks.

  12. Paige

    @Smudge: Try opening the file up in Paint, click “Page Set-Up”and adjusting it to print at about 135%.

  13. Jenny

    Would that fit a momoko doll?

  14. paula

    I love your patterns, I’ve made a couple hoddies and a A line dress BUT I’m looking for pants or thights that would fit my pukifee do you know where I can get the pattern for these?

  15. smudge

    I’d also love to see a pattern for lati yellow leggings. I’ve been trying to figure it out but not quite got it right yet.

  16. Kimmie

    Thanks so much for sharing this pattern!! I just love it, and made three without the hoods today for my PukiFees. Next one will try the hood! Now to try the dress.
    Thanks again for sharing!!

  17. Tam

    I think I am missing something really obvious here, but with the hood sewn on and just the back pieces open how does one get their dolly into this sweat shirt?

  18. Melissa

    Tam, this is the step that is missing (see my comment above)
    “seam the back of the hood together, leaving about an inch at the bottom open”

    the head slips through the opening in back/base of the hood.

    1. Tam

      Ahhh thanks for that! Sorry I missed that earlier 😡 my bad

  19. Marlene

    I don’t see the piece for the pocket? Am I missing something?

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