Blythe Party Dress

Blythe Dress Pattern

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  • Description: Blythe Dress with a lined bodice and full, gathered skirt.
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Tips:Use lightweight cotton for the whole dress. Experiment with different widths and pleats for the skirt.

28 responses to “Blythe Party Dress”

  1. Debbie

    I love the dress! Think I just may give it a try.

  2. loli

    i love this pattern but i don’t know how to print..
    the line that’s supposed to be 8 in. comes out a little more than 6 in.
    help me!!T-T

  3. Jane

    Hi T-T
    You can enlarge it at the printing stage. Try 125% That worked for me. It fits perfectly.

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  5. Beth

    This pattern is really useful! I used it and the dress came out great. Thank you!

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  7. Sammy

    YES!! this is EXACTLY the kind of thing i was looking for!!! *smothers you wif cookie kisses and hugs* YAAAY! ^o^

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  9. Ana

    Muchas gracias for all of these patterns. I am not a seamstress but all of these have been easy enough to follow. I’m getting so much joy from creating a little couture wardrobe from my special dolly.


  10. Micheila

    I really like the dress but i have printing problems as well its hard to assume the right size when im resizing it 🙁

  11. waiting!!!

    i don’t have my girl yet but i am going to try this out!

    thanks for the lovely pattens!

  12. Blythe Craze

    I’m trying this out!

  13. Beth

    In response to the printing problem- I think I’ve found an easy solution. The file is a picture file, so right click it and save the picture to your desktop. Then open a blank document in Microsoft Word. Click INSERT –> PICTURE –> FROM FILE. Then choose DESKTOP and choose the pattern picture file (in this case, its called “pattern_partydress.gif”). It will insert the pic onto the document. If you notice on the top of the document there is a ruler in inches. You can now easily tweak the picture to be 8 inches. You’ll have to adjust the margins to allow for 8 inches however. Go to FILE –> PAGE SETUP and change the right and left margins to 0.25″. This will give you enough room to stretch the picture to 8 inches on the ruler. Hope this helps!

  14. Blythe

    i love this outfit (;

  15. Nicole

    this dress is beautiful in black and white!

  16. gushi soda

    i just finished my first prototype for this dress, and after a bit og tweaking and my first go at adding snaps it fits like a dream!! and my girl looks amazing!! I am going to make many more in different fabrics for friends and family!

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  21. Zalia

    I am trying it out now and its looking good already!! I’m using felt instead of fabric and i hope it turns out okay 🙂

  22. Zalia

    FINISHED!!! And the bodice looks great but the skirt i didn’t know how to do but still its SO beautiful! 😀
    I’ll definitely make it again with felt….

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  24. MissSuperYellow

    Just made this dress…soooo super cute! Thank you so much for all your wonderful designs and tips 🙂

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  28. Claire

    When I printed it out the ruler reference line came to just over 6 inches as well, but I used it to make a dress for my Middie, and it fit perfectly! I accidentally cut the skirt with the fold, so it was much narrow but it’s very cute.

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