Blythe Flared Pants

Blythe Pants Pattern

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  • Description: Simple unlined flared pants. Can be easily modified into skinny jeans or capris.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Tips: Lightweight denim and pinwhale corduroy is best. Test for staining – Blythe legs stain easily!

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  1. Dian Wilson

    Hi! Thank you so much for posting these fabulous patterns for Blythe. I am a bit mystified by the scale. There is a line on each that one has to check for measurement. The line is always too short when I print. Is the solution a matter of enlarging the pattern on a copy machine by degrees until the line measures correctly? Or am I completely missing a more obvious solution.

    Thank you for your help.

  2. Melissa

    hmm, I kjust tried it and the line came out just over 6 inches. Are you printing it directly out of a browser or are you saving it and then printing it? I find I get the best results when I save it and then print it from my image editing software, like photoshop or paint.

  3. Dian

    Yes, I saved it and opened with “Paint” and it printed exactly the same. Some of the patterns (when I print them) are closer to the scale than others. I feel very self conscious even mentioning it because you have been so generous to offer them to us. The 6.25 inch scale prints @ 6 and 1/8th inch…but the ones that have the ruler longer..closer to 8 inches…they print even further off the mark as much as 3 inches. I thought perhaps I just needed to print them out and then enlarge on a copier but somehow, I am not having any success at hitting just the right percentage. The patterns are drafted so nicely, I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. It seems you have taken much care to present these…do you think it is possible to print them without having “Photoshop”? (which I don’t have)
    And I’m also wondering…am I being too exact on some? For example…”easy A-line dress” suggests the reference line is 4.25″. When I print it out, it is 3 and 15/16. That’s 5/16 off the mark. Feel free to contact me at my email if you don’t want to go into it here..although I wonder if anyone else is having this dilemma.


  4. Melissa

    don’t worry about it at all! I certainly don’t take offense – I share these because I want people to play with them and not have to go to too much hassle – I’m glad you are pointing out your little snags.

    we were using .pdf files for a while, they take longer to make (and some people don’t like them because they don’t want to download software) but maybe we need to offer the option if lots of people are having trouble printing these up.

    if your pattern is coming out just a few eighths off the mark, they are probably okay – I may have rounded up or down a teeny bit.

    1. Yvette

      Thank you so much for the patterns… I know that this is a really old thread but do you have .pdf’s available? I have a heck of a time getting these sized properly (copy and paste to a photoshop document and print from there) and I can’t print from the page that opens. thank you!

  5. Melissa

    one more thought – you may want to check your printer settings when you print the file to make sure that there isn’t an option like “fit to page” that’s turned on.

    also, some really excellent image editing software that’s a tiny, quick download and is easy and free is irfan view. I notice MS Paint doesn’t give you artwork dimensions anywhere, maybe it doesn’t adhere to the original image’s dimensions when it opens them

    link to irfan view:

  6. Dian Wilson

    Oh thank you so much!! I’ll download irfanview and try that. I will also check that “fit to page” option to make sure it is turned off. I have been so excited about doing this, as if you couldn’t tell! I already have lots of great fabrics and trims and I’m breaking in a vintage Singer machine I got on Craig’s list that should work beautifully on these small items. One of the reasons I am fussing so over the scale is (don’t laugh) I don’t have my doll yet!!! I have been trying to get Rendez Vous Chous Chous from Japan and the seller hasn’t returned my email with a quote. I’ll have a full wardrobe sewn by the time she arrives! I am looking into other sources for a doll…it has been suggested that Hong Kong is an easier source.

  7. Dian Wilson

    Irfanview worked! Thanks for all the help.

  8. Sherbet

    The strategy I like to use is to enlarge it until the scale is right, then trace it onto paper off of my monitor.

  9. Dandelion

    Thank you so much, I love this pattern! I have made it a few times and it has come out so well!

    1. Paulo

      thanks very much to Elizabeth and Paul for sharing their criateve work on Facebook as part of Share Your Wares Sunday. Now I know full well that a lot more of you are doing good stuff (hint blog posts count as

  10. Madtwinsis

    Thank you so much for this lovely pattern!
    I made my girl a pair of red satin flares and although they’re a really tight fit around her tighs (must have done something wrong, but when I put some talc powder on her legs it works) I adore them!
    I have a really though time letting her wear anything else at the moment 😀
    (if you want to see some pictures just let me know)

  11. Laura

    To print patterns on the net correctly. Before printing straight from the website, I go to File —Page Setup and then I turn all my margins to 0. The computer automatically resets them to the smallest allowed value and then the pattern seems to print to scale. Not sure if this will work for everyone but just thought I would share it as an option.

  12. lisa

    thanks for all the tips – i was having a problem printing these as well.

  13. lisa

    thanks for the patterns – i finally made the flared pants and the t-shirt! they turned out so cute! I’m going to try and post a picture here. your’re patterns are awesome! thanks for sharing them!


  14. Sammy

    could i make skinny jeans by this pattern? :3

  15. Sammy

    OH MY GOSH!!! my poor blythe!!! she has stains on her legs!*stupid me, i shoulda listened to your wisdom*
    is there any way of removing it!?!?!?

  16. Rachael

    To prevent dye from getting on your Blythe you should always pre-wash the fabric but even then dye can still stain your Blythe’s legs… This is what I recommend: You can line these pants by cutting the same pattern in a non dyed plain white fabric and attaching each piece to the matching piece on the inside before you sew the pattern, sew the lining along with the pattern, and wa-la your done. If that makes sense. 🙂

  17. Sammy

    thanks a million!!!

  18. amu bleu » Blog Archive » relaxing summer

    […] now as if this post wasn’t blythe filled as it is i figured hat i would show off a few outfits that dylan has gotten her hands on this week. the image on the left really doesn’t show off the outfit all that well but the top was kind of a freestyle knitted top and the pants were sew by me (you read right… i actually used my sewing machine. crazy i know) using flared pants pattern from puchi collective. this picture was taking at the baltimore farmer’s market. funny story: the woman in the background is someone i know. when i took the camera away and looked up she was giving me an odd look. i didn’t even notice she was there until after i took the photo. it was funny trying to explain what i was doing with a doll in one hand and a camera in the other. anyway… the outfit on the right is a dress made by the lovely le petit boutique on etsy. so adorable. sorry about the horrible background. i received the dress last night so good lighting and background combo was limited. don’t worry you’ll see more soon. […]

  19. rhian

    just a quickie to say thanks guys – after aes n ages trying to get this to print to the right size,, a combination of irfanview & screen-tracing has worked!
    Right, where *did* I leave that sewing machine…

  20. rhian

    ps – meant to say, for me the settings that worked were changing the size to 120% of the original, if anyone else has the problem again.

  21. missy

    hello – i just made these pants and was wondering if they have a snap? i am not sure if i made it correctly and left a little room for a snap closure. so far they are very cute!!

  22. Melissa

    Hi missy – there’s a little mark on the pattern for a button/snap in the back. sounds like you made them correctly!

  23. Jessica

    I would love to try to make these for my Pullip Raphia could you email me the pattern that would be great thanks

  24. Jessica

    just saw where to download thanks 🙂 silly me

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  26. Melissa-NZ

    I got my first Blythe this week and I made these for her this evening. I am not really a seamstress at all but it was so easy, even I could manage! I made them out of denim (offcuts from shortening my own jeans!) and they are fantastic. Thanks so much!

  27. paperwaits

    I have no idea how, but the waist on these came out huge for me. I think I can take it in. They’re so cute 🙂

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  29. gebah

    hi…thanks so much for the great patterns….i don’t own a blythe but i’m having fun making clothes & accessories as a gift for someone who does have one….

    question….i have an old barbie….can i fit the clothes to her (to fit blythe in the end)?

    i love, love, love this pattern….super easy & extremely easy to follow

  30. Silvia Bretas

    l have a question… pattern A is suppost to be front or back?

  31. Falyn

    Do their legs stain if the fabric is recycled or has been washed several times over?

  32. Megan

    I was going to try and leave the editor an email, but I can’t find anyone’s email address!

    I modified this pattern to fit my Pullip doll and was wondering if I could post the modified pattern on my blog, with plenty of links (on the pattern and on the blog) back here. Changes include lengthening, trimming down the waistline, modifying the leg to be straight instead of flared, and adding a dart to better fit the Pullip doll. I’m not sure if the editor will be able to get back to me so if it is not okay please leave a comment on my blog, link above. Thanks!

  33. Melissa

    Hey Megan, Yes, absolutely post your pattern on your blog. Send us a link and we will link to it for any of our readers who are Pullip fans as well!

  34. Megan

    Melissa, I really do appreciate this SO much. I should be posting the pattern soon and I will link in a comment here (delete all these comments if you like). Thank you thank you thank you a thousand and one times!!!
    I think I will leave the instructions out so that any downloaders will HAVE to use the instructions here. That way they will bring traffic to your site!

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    […] as needed) and measurements. But no patterns. Well that’s not true, I have one pattern for a pair of pants. But my main idea for doing all this is because not all of Barbie’s clothes will fit my […]

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  37. Angel

    Thanks for the pattern. I made a pair of jeans for my Silvermist Disney fairy doll. They turned out great and the pattern was super easy to follow and sew. Hardest part was just turning the pants right side out.

    Here’s a picture

  38. Jodie

    Hi there, I was wondering if this pattern would work for a person? or is it purely for dolls?? I cant find flared pnts in shops anywhere and I have resorted to now making my own, I have never sewed before so this will be a challenge but FUN!! thanks Jodie.

  39. Team Roster

    Maybe you should change the blog subject Blythe Flared Pants to more catching for your content you make. I enjoyed the blog post all the same.

  40. Kim

    I made these out of some black corduroy recycled from old pants. They turned out really cute. Thanks for including a grain line on the pattern pieces- very useful when working with corduroy!

  41. Estellanara

    Thank you so much for all the patterns !
    I made the pants for my little Hujoo. She has big feet so I made the legs a little larger and it turned out perfect !
    Here she is :

  42. Stephanie

    Hi there…just wanted to thank you so much for the great patterns. My husband helped me print them off the correct size and he liked the pdf patterns the best. He put them in fireworks and they were perfect. He had to mess around with the pixels for the other ones but got them to work as well. Also… for the people who didn’t get the fit to work quite right, I’m wondering if you noticed that the seam allowance isn’t 1/4 of an inch. I was looking at it and it looked a little big so I measured it and it is a centimeter…which is like 3/8 of an inch. So if you did 1/4″, which most US patterns are for dolls, you would be off 1/4″…which would make a big difference in the waist. Ok… I’m off to try it for the first time! Can’t wait!

  43. Lisa

    Thank you so much for such a great pattern…I have made 6 flared pants so far and they look fantastic!

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    Thank you so much for such a great pattern

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