Quick News

Beauty Contest DVD is out!

The Darling Diva Beauty Contest DVD is out at Blythedoll.com. I’m dying to see Christina walk the red carpet with Gentle River, as well as all the other amazing entries (and the mysterious “talent competition”). Oh, and I must say that DD’s hair looks awesome all fluffed up like that – I wonder if Impatience […]

Radiant head-opening tutorial

Just posted: Radiant head-opening tutorial. It’s a quick one!

Blythe on the cover of “Plastic Culture”

I came across this book a while back and the Kenner on the cover definitely piqued my interest. According to the description, it’s a book about Japanese Toys. (causing some Blythe fans to wonder why they’d photograph an American doll for the cover.) I doubt she’s an Ai Ai, but I like her mystique and […]

Piccadilly Encore Photos and specs released

blythedoll.com has released photos of Piccadilly Encore in the japanese news section. She’s an SBL with the same hairstyle and makeup colors as the original (she’s on the right in the photos above). Personally, I was expecting more of a change to the outfit, which is almost identical to the original, except the updated muscle-tee […]

NYLON Magazine & the always hip Blythe.

Fashionistas worldwide comb the pages of NYLON magazine for gritty fashion from up & coming designers & the latest in music, film, & trend. So, who else would be better suited for their pages than our own Blythe? NYLON has collaborated with designers Luella, Tsubi, & Paul Frank & hair gurus Bumble & Bumble for […]

Radiant Head – an evil teaser

I’m absolutely dying to say something about the new radiant head, having just seen it for myself. Unfortunately, I have been respectfully asked to not show photos of it or give away all the cool new details, but I must say this; the new headmold is definitely a noticable change from superiors. the new headmold […]

New Facemold Debuts on Darling Diva

The long-awaited “radiant” facemold has been revealed in the latest pics of “Darling Diva,” the 5th anniversary Blythe. So far, the tiny pics show that the new mold has a different mouth shape (a special lip-paint shape exclusive to Darling Diva), and larger eye holes (but the same superior far-glancing eyeballs). Darling Diva’s eyechips are […]

Prima Dollies coming in August

3 New “customizable” blythes called ‘Prima Dollies’ will be released August 25th. They appear to be Superior molds, so customizing will probably still require the sawing method. They come in minimal outfits and makeup with long side-parted hair ready for cutting (although, if they were really for customizers, they would come with center-parts.) The three […]