Gina’s pics of Gentle River

Gina garan took Gentle River on a photoshoot in Florida, and posted some cute pics in her blog: we didn’t know the boots had B’s on them! cuute! Have I mentioned how much I love shoes with a designated Right and Left? I can’t wait to see her in real life! Looks like the japan […]

Diva Party Exhibition at Gallery Lele

Hi guys, I know we’ve been posting far too many sneak peeks and not enough real pics, but here’s another one for ya! Team Sibley was invited to do a custom for “Diva Party” – an exhibition of blythe customizers all putting their own twist on the last year’s anniversary Darling Diva doll. Until the […]

The Real Gentle River promo pics!

Real pics are up at, but we’ve got even bigger ones! check her out on puchiflickr! What do you think?  Enough wishful thinking – she is here!  Is she what you expected?  I personally can’t wait to attack that hair.  Hopefully I can squeeze a little more length out of those bangs! So weird […]

Original Gentle River: on the Auction Block!

CWC’s annual Charity event details have been announced, and photos of all of the amazing dolls that will be auctioned on Yahoo Japan have been posted here The finalists from Last year’s beauty pageant will be auctioned in the very last group (July 2-8), Including the original Gentle River! We miss her so much! I’m […]

LaTi Basic A-line Dress Pattern

Just added a basic a-line dress pattern for LaTi Yellow doll. Go here to download!

Meet Gina Garan at Fred Flare’s Carnival of CUTE! is hosting a Carnival Of Cute on December 9th in New York City with some special guests, including Blythe photographer Gina Garan! Everyone’s favorite Blythe photographer Gina Garan will have her very own table stocked full with dolls, clothes, wigs, books, postcards, & more. In addition to Blythe merchandise, there will be Blythes who […]

Puchi Collective goes to the Variety Fair!

When I was in Japan I was asked by Junko from CWC whether I would like to take part in the “Varity Fair” show at Junie Moon. The show consists of an invited group of talented customisers and Blythe fashion creators, each custimising a Doll and creating two exclusive outfits for the show for sale. […]

Fred Flare does Blythe Style!

The folks over at Fred Flare have always been about fun & funky style & now they’ve extended it to Blythe. They’ve created a dolly sized Fred Flare Logo Tee! We were lucky enough to score some tees for our girls & they couldn’t resist modeling them for you. Of course, they also couldn’t resist […]

Congratulations “In Focus” Blythe Photo Contest Finalists!

We at Puchi Collective were excited to see the finalists for the “In Focus” Blythe Photo Contest Finalists have been announced! “In Focus” is a yearly contest held by CWC where people enter their favorite Blythe photos for a chance to have them published in a postcard book, as well as displayed at Junie Moon […]

New Blythe Tutorials Added!

All the old tutorials are here, as well as some new ones […]