Try the Blythe-a-lizer!

The Blythe-a-lizer is an interactive tool to help customizers and non-customizers visualize color combinations for customs before diving into painting or buying hair for a Blythe (I started working on it as a way to play with a blythe while at work, and just kept adding options to her). Click here to try it! Feel […]

Beauty Contest DVD is out!

The Darling Diva Beauty Contest DVD is out at I’m dying to see Christina walk the red carpet with Gentle River, as well as all the other amazing entries (and the mysterious “talent competition”). Oh, and I must say that DD’s hair looks awesome all fluffed up like that – I wonder if Impatience […]

A First-Timer’s Guide to Kenner Cleaning

Ah, the rush of your first Kenner. You’ve spent a week watching her on eBay, emailing the seller for credentials (they provided the ransom-style photo with a current newspaper, a piece of her hair, and passed the holes-behind-the-ears quiz…). Finally those last 30 heart-pounding seconds are ticking down. You snipe! You get the green light […]

Fred Flare does Blythe Style!

The folks over at Fred Flare have always been about fun & funky style & now they’ve extended it to Blythe. They’ve created a dolly sized Fred Flare Logo Tee! We were lucky enough to score some tees for our girls & they couldn’t resist modeling them for you. Of course, they also couldn’t resist […]

Designer Spotlight: Puppy Love

As prolific as she is creative, Chun of Puppy52 has been creating her inimitable fashion for Blythe since Summer 2004. Who can forget the Milk-inspired dress craze, when everyone just had to have a pink and black polkadot dress with matching bow and handbag? Or those fabulous fitted denim jeans with the hot pink tab […]

Radiant and SBL technical comparo

Takara’s first Radiant molded doll, Darling Diva, will be popping into mailboxes in the next upcoming weeks. She’s a very expensive dollie and not too many people will want to open her up in the name of science. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a blank radiant head, so, without further ado, […]

Congratulations “In Focus” Blythe Photo Contest Finalists!

We at Puchi Collective were excited to see the finalists for the “In Focus” Blythe Photo Contest Finalists have been announced! “In Focus” is a yearly contest held by CWC where people enter their favorite Blythe photos for a chance to have them published in a postcard book, as well as displayed at Junie Moon […]

9 Jam Fancy Pet Patterns Archived

all of the Jam Fancy pets patterns are now available in the Pattern Archive! Enjoy!

Sprue vs. the Peewees. a photostory.

The peewee army teaches Sprue the importance of learning to read. Ridiculously photo-heavy story behind the cut! enjoy!

Archived photostories circa 2003!

Oh, the memories of the Blythes when they show on your doorstep! Dutchess of Detroit was to be my first custom girl. I’m glad I saved them, and I have them to share. Good times! Enjoy! The Dutchess Arrives! Part 1 – This is a job for a Kenner! Part 2 – Attack the Amoebic […]