Scalping and Head Opening- Radiant Blythes

  1. Blythe Radiant Scalping TutorialIf you’re used to scalping EBL and SBL girls, you’ll be surprised to find there is now a third screw in the back of RBL’s head. First, remove all three screws (put them in a safe place). use a crochet hook or tweezers to un-hook the spring in the square hole.
  2. Blythe Radiant Scalping TutorialNext, squeeze her ears to release the clips underneath them. The back of her head should lift off easily.
  3. Blythe Radiant Scalping TutorialYou will see one more screw located in her forehead. loosen it halfway.
  4. Blythe Radiant Scalping TutorialHer scalp will now lift off of her head. If you’re opening her to do makeup or eyechip work, you’re done! You can follow the same eye removal procedure, starting with step 2.
  5. Blythe Radiant Scalping TutorialThe new Radiant scalp is a 2-piece contraption – a soft rubber scalp with a long flange pinched into a hard plastic dome piece. Since the only RBL I have to work with at the moment is Darling Diva, and I don’t plan on removing her scalp completely, I will just let you know what my findings are with the new scalp.It appears that there is no glue used to hold the scalp to the cap, just a friction fit (a very tight one at that). above you can see I used an exacto blade to make sure the flange would separate cleanly from the cap.
  6. Blythe Radiant Scalping Tutorial I then used a screwdriver to see if the flange would be able to be pried out of the cap. It slipped out fairly easily. Putting it back, seems to be another story. the softness of the rubber makes it difficult to re-insert. I stopped after prying a few centimeters so that I wouldn’t have an impossible-to-assemble scalp on my hands.From what I can tell, after the scalp is removed, the flange will probably have to be cut shorter and then reinserted. I’ll update this tutorial after the first regular-priced release is made available and I can really experiment on the scalp. Until then, remove your RBL’s scalps at your own risk!

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  2. yatabazah

    What do you suppose is that hole up there in the dome for?

  3. Poopychun

    this is so exciting! πŸ˜€ thanks for sharing with us Melissa!

  4. Melisser

    you ROOL! xo!

  5. Linda

    >>What do you suppose is that hole up there in the dome for?

    Trepanation! Or someone could possibly carve a hole in the scalp and put an eyeball in there πŸ˜›
    just kidding! thanks for the tut Melissa, even *i* am not scared of opening the RBL head now! :O

  6. Poopychun

    Melissa! If you ever ever have time could you do a comparison shoot between this girl and a KB? heehee

  7. Kelly aka Kittenfantastico

    Thank you so much! I doubt I’ll be doing any customs on the new girls anytime soon but I was curious about the mechanics of the RBL!!! I’m really pleased to see it’s easy to open their heads like this.. less sweat from freaking out and tears from possibly breaking something!!!

    You rock girlie! ox

  8. mnspkngfrnch

    I guess it won’t be possible to replace the rubber scalp of RBL by that of EBL or SBL?

  9. Nya

    I guess if the flange shape of RBL is similar to SBL and the two scalps can be swapped.
    Also with some cutting-sanding of the rubber flange!

  10. Jenn

    I think may be the hole in back would be designed for customisers to do the “sleepy eyes”?

    Melissa, do you think that RBL would be the easiest to customise for a newbie like myself? I tried to open an EBL and SBL’s head but found it too difficult and even got injured. v_v;

    Thank you for this wonderful post!

  11. OBigEyeO

    I suppose that hole up there is for mohair rerooting… ???

  12. hazymat

    Hurrah for customisableification!

  13. Poohie

    that’s a good point bigeye… that spot is very convenient for weft mohair.

  14. Renee

    Hi! I was reading what Linda wrote about a third eye being placed where the 3 screw is. Funny thing is that a I believe a Spainish dollwriter did in fact place a third eye in the fore head of a Goddess style doll she wrote. It was both odd and beautiful. If you’d like to see the pictures (I save a lot of Blythe pictures from Ebay auctions) I’d be happy to show you. TTYL

  15. Tina

    Any updates? I’m ready to mohair reroot my Aubrey. Should I be worried?

  16. Helena

    Tina, before you remove the hair from your Aubrey, there’s a few people with Aubries that has problem hair… I would suggest you to open the chance for scalp trade. πŸ™‚ For example at This Is Blythe forum aswell as Blythedoll LJ community.

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    […] With the hair out of the way, it was even clearer that her makeup and eyechips were a poor mix with her skintone. Saturated purple eyeshadow fought with her strong pink lips and distracted from her pretty skintone. All that color and she had no blush! after carefully opening her head and setting her pretty new hair aside, I began sanding her eyeshadow off with a red Norton sponge, and sanded her all over. Following with a Yellow extra-fine Norton sponge, I decided that I wanted her semi-matte, and buffed her gently with a cotton T-shirt. Unfortunately, I discovered that Ebony’s darker skin shows sanding swirl marks more than her pale sisters, so I had to go over her again with the yellow sponge, and buff her again. If I were to do this again, I wouldn’t have used the red sponge as I believe it to be the one that left the marks. After another yellow round though, the swirl marks were gone and she had a lovely satin finish. […]

  18. snoopygirl

    argh! I am going to reroot my aubrey too! nightmare! I’m dying to see a tutorial on RBL scalping and reattaching!

  19. Felicia

    Hi.. How do i put it back again? Do u know how to crave lip? Thanks… I’m so new to blythe and in Singapore, u cannot get much help^_^

  20. SOPHIE

    i want to open my ebonys head to make it easier for sandmatting,do i just basically undo all the 3 screws at the back of her head and squish her ears in then?
    do you know what model neo blythe feel the sky is as i see she only has 3 screws how do i open her up?
    thanks so much

  21. Melissa

    SOPHIE – the only doll with 3 screws is Radiant. I believe FTS is superior though…

  22. SOPHIE

    thanks hon
    ive tried opening my ebonys head up but cant get it open do you know what im doing wrong perhpas?
    ive taken her screws out and tried pushing her ears in but it just isnt happening lol

  23. Zoe

    I’m having the same problems as Sophie with my Ebony! Her head just won’t come apart.

  24. Melissa

    you have to squeeze the ears VERY hard.

  25. Zoe

    That did the trick! Thanks. πŸ™‚

  26. sophie

    i just cant release that spring ive tried unhooking it with tweezers but having no luck i just cant see how you unhook it
    any tips?

  27. Linda

    Sophie – you might want to try a tiny Crochet hook, say size 11 (see pic 1)? pick up the spring from the hole in the back of the head with the hook, then VERY carefully make the gap at the end of the spring wider with the tweezer. Good luck!

  28. zdadjhuojg

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! pqtibbsesqhnv

  29. Natalie

    Hi πŸ™‚

    I am new at Blythe doll customization and was wondering if you have removed to scalp on a RBL yet? I receive my saffy soon and was hoping to go off your tutorial on how to remove scalp and glue it back on – Do you think I should buy E-6000 Craft Adhesive and Aleene’s Tacky Glue to glue it back together? I am stocking up on amazon and want to make sure I buy everything I need in the one order.
    Thanks so much:)

  30. Natalie

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks so much:)

    Yes I will be re-rooting the hair with 2 weft’s still trying to figure out how to do this?
    Sorry for this silly question but what’s the Flange?

    Also, Do you think I should buy a New Scalp piece to sew the weft’s into or can I use the original scalp on the Blythe.

    Your help is greatly appreciated, I am in over my head with info ^-^

    Thanks again:)

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  32. jhayna

    hello there..i want to know..i have a save the animals blythe doll.. i she RBL??

  33. Melissa

    jhayna – save the animals is SBL

  34. Amanda

    Hi, there… I am in the midst of my first customization effort, on a RBL. The flange gave me a little bit of trouble – there was one spot in the front of the head that appeared to be glued, and really didn’t want to budge even after a good, hot soaking. I ended up cutting through it and digging out the leftover piece bit by bit. Also, part of the plastic that the flange fits into (on the outside of the ‘skull’, I suppose) is fairly thin and delicate – be careful to try and use a more solid portion of the skull to use as leverage when pulling off the scalp!

    (It might be possible, however, to delicately slice through the plastic outer pieces and then avoid having to trim down the flange, and then later on glue those sections back together… but I’m DEFINITELY no expert… just thinking out loud here!)

  35. Amanda

    Okay, here is my update… it was not necessary to trim the flange at all when reassembling the head! it took some doing, but I worked the scalp flange back into the skull with a bit of effort. There was a small gap in the scalp seam on one side of her head, but it’s on a mohair reroot so it REALLY doesn’t show. Others might want to glue it a bit, but I didn’t need to.

    Good luck with your RBL’s!

  36. Heidi

    Thanks again for this great tutorial! I was having problems unhooking the spring with my crochet hook (I’ve only rehooked one that came to me unhooked) so I did the entire head opening and then unhooked it from the inside. It was much easier without all of that tension pulling it.

  37. gloria

    is primadolly aubrey Radiance or Superior?

  38. aimee

    So, i think I have the hole in the head mystery figured out.

    I noticed that there was lot of poofiness of the scalp, a small pocket of air between the scalp itself and the hard plastic skull-dome. Presumably to give the hair some additional height in the cheapest way possible.

    I bet the hole is there so that the scalp doesn’t get sucked down to the head when you press on it.

    It certainly is nice to know that when you wash your Blythe’s hair that there’s an exit for the water on the other side of the scalp. I always worried about head mold when i washed my SBL.

  39. Alisa

    I’ve managed everything except when it came time to put things together again I couldn’t get the spring reattached easily. When I did reattach it I stretched it. Yuk! Now it doesn’t hold. I am going to do sleep eyes but if I wanted to use the spring again, it doesn’t hold. Can they be replaced or fixed?

  40. Melanie

    I am having terrible trouble getting my Night Flower’s head apart. I removed the scalp, unhooked the spring and unscrewed the screws…. I can get the front and back pieces to separate from each other enough to get her body out but it will not separate closer to the scull….. I feel like I am butchering her! What is going on?
    I opened a Angelica Eve yesterday and had no problem whatsoever….
    Please anyone????
    Thank you!!!

  41. Babet

    Did you try opening Miss Sally Rice?
    Mine was more difficult than other Rbl. I opened Ebony without problems but MSR’s faceplates didn’t come apart! I had to help the scalp line to come off with an x-acto knife.. I wonder if it’s mine only difficult to open!

    And thanks for all the tutorials and patterns, so useful! :]

  42. Melissa

    babet – my MSR was REALLY hard to pop, but she did open. I just had to set her on one ear (on a towel) on a hard surface and press the other ear with both hands and a good amount of my body weight. it was scary!

  43. Kim

    I see there were some others who had trouble unhooking the spring in the back of Ebony’s head. If I understand it you use the hook to lift the spring and the tweezers to open the gap that’s wrapped around the bar? For rehooking the spring once the head is closed up how is that done? Is the spring flopping around inside and difficult to get hold of?

    I’ve been stumped at the unhooking the spring part for a few days now….

  44. dana

    I bought a PD Peach that has no scalp. I thought I could just buy a cool cat scalp, but now I’m really confused, since the thing I bought from cool cat is just a rubber piece, and I have no hard-plastic dome piece to attach the scalp to. Help! Can I buy a replacement piece of RBL dome anywhere? Also, the rubber scalp piece looks way to tall. If I don’t want to root the scalp, can I use a wig? This purchase looks like such a waste now πŸ™

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