Guide: paints and glues

The purpose of this guide is to let you know our recommendations for different paints and glues, based on experience of working with plastics over the years. It is intended as a guide and is not a guarantee of results, nor an endorsement of a particular brand. All the following recommendations are for Takara/Tomy and ADG/Hasbro blythes. Kenner blythes do not require glue in their original condition (except eyechips, for which we recommend water-based craft/tacky glue)


Y Yes. Y* Yes. This is the preferred paint/glue to use for that application N No. this paint/glue will not produce a professional/safe result on Blythe.

Common Glues

glue installing eyechips sealing scalp false piercings eyelashes
waterbased craft (tacky glue) Y* Y (temporary) Y Y*
epoxy, 2-part epoxy N N N N
E6000, Future glue, Gorilla Glue, Wood Glue N N N N
UHU plastic glue N N N N
Plastic Weld N N N N
Hot Glue N N N N
Superglue, krazy glue, zap-a-gap (cyanoacrylate) N Y (permanent) N N

Common Paints

Paint lips scalp shadow/ eyelids blush eyechips backs eye – pupil eye white
craft acrylics– flat, gloss, metallic, pearl Y* N N N N Y N
craft acrylics- crackle, dimensional, special effect finishes N N N N N N N
Tamiya Flat (airbrushed) Y (stencilled) Y Y Y N Y (brushed) Y
Tamiya Gloss (airbrushed) Y (stencilled) Y Y Y N Y Y
Tamiya Transparent (airbrushed) Y (stencilled) Y Y Y Y* N N
Fabric paints N N N N N N N
Nail Polish, Nail Gloss N N N N N N N
Paint-markers (acrylic) N (unless brushed) N N N N Y N
Spraypaint (Latex, flat) N N N N N N Y
Vinyl Paint (v-color, monster color) N Y* N N N N N
Watercolor, gouache Y (sealed) N N N N Y N
Artist acrylics Y N N N N Y N
Oil-based N N N N N N N
Poster paint N N N N N N N

41 responses to “Guide: paints and glues”

  1. Melisser

    What an amazing resource!

  2. Helena

    I agree! (one booboo though, the Y box for spray paint is red. Not-sure-yes? 😉

    I so want airbrushing supplies, but yes, you know those cost like a kenner!

  3. eurotrash

    i also think it might be good to mention that a good source of acrylics for painting lips etc is Games Workshop paints and Vallejo ( )hobby paints. I really recommend Vallejo of the two. I paint alot of models and figures and i find vallejo paints to really stand up to alot of handling well. They also thin down less patchily than the GW brand…
    I also find them in craft stores in Finland! which is a total plus. The eyedropper type bottle and reasonable price makes them pretty desirable too.

  4. pixelkitty

    uh oh I used E6000 on recommendation from another doll collector – my poor baby girl!

    Thanks for the excellent guide.

  5. Melissa

    pixelkitty: don’t worry about the E6000 – the reason I put “NO” for it is that I couldn’t get a relieble bond out of it, but it dod not ruin any surfaces I tried it on. I just find other glues to produce a more desirable result.

    Do keep an eye on her and let me know how well the bond lasts! Maybe I just had a bad bottle of glue.

  6. Bls Brooke

    How Wow!

  7. elle

    i want to paint a tattoo on my blythe’s back.. could i just use normal craft acrylics for this, and would i have to seal it or anything? thanks

  8. Christine

    I have a question. How about freckles, what sort of paint would I use for that? Thank you!

  9. Ani

    Hi Melissa!
    Do you know if “Shoe Goo” is a good alternative to use on my SBL’s scalp? I made a boo-boo while trying to take her head apart and accidently ripped part of her scalp, just below the hairline at the back of her head. D:
    I bought it because it’s made for vinyl and rubbers(soles on shoes, etc.) and thought it might be a good solution(it was actually my hubby’s idea, he’s usually quite clever!). I’m also curious if it would work well when it comes time to glue the scalp back on. I just want to be sure that I’m not going to cause permanent damage and destruction by using this but I really need a glue that will hide the tear in the scalp. The active ingredient is called Perchloroethylene, if it’s any help!
    Thanks again for your awesome tutorials! I don’t know where I’d be without you and the PuchiCollective!!!

  10. Lyssa

    I’m just wondering if spray paint is safe for the scalp? The box has a Y but is coloured for no. Thanks in advance.

  11. Melissa

    oops – yes, you can use spray paint on the scalp – try to find the kind made specially for outdoor plastic/vinyl furniture as it bonds best. if the spraypaint you try stays sticky (never dries) it is incompatible with vinyl and will make your reroot a real pain.

  12. Sammy

    you can use watercolor on the lips??

  13. chelsea

    what kind of airbrush equiptment would be good for makeup application?:D

  14. Melissa

    Hi Chelsea – I highly recommend Iwata airbrush equipment ( I use an Iwata HP-C Plus), and tamiya paints for blythe makeup.

    Cheaper brands, like Badger do not put out a fine enough atomization, resulting in splatter marks.

    You’ll want a good compressor, too, with a humidity trap and that puts out at least 32 PSI. cheaper options usually do not put out enough pressure to get a fine spray.

    hope that helps!

  15. pixelkitty

    Melissa, I recently tried to get the scalp off the E600 girl to do more work on her, but try as I might it isn’t budging. I’ll have to crack out the scalpel and assess the damage afterwards (if any!).

  16. veronica

    so why can you use aryclic paint for freckles and lips but not for eyeshadow? i did try to the pastel method on a repair i’m working on but it wasn’t going on dark enough. i just need to add a little more shadow to one side.

  17. Tia

    Thanks! This really helped!

  18. butterscotch

    can one use the Tamiya paint for the eye lids as well? (of course they would be removed before painting! lol)

    Thanks for all the info!!!!

  19. Brianne

    Is the glue that comes with false eyelashes safe to use? Am I missing something?

  20. Melissa

    brianne – safe to use on what part? You will have to read the bottle to find out what kind of glue it is. You need to use the appropriate glue for the task – some things you want to be permanent and some you just want to be temporary or easy to undo/wash off. Its always best to test a dot of glue on a hidden part of the plastic – some glues actually melt plastic.

  21. ec

    hey, i was wondering if it is safe to use acrylic paint on the back and front of the “iris” area of an eyechip…like, to paint designs on it?

    thanks so much!

  22. Sarah

    Hi there – can you tell me why you recommend NOT using Nail varnish for areas like the eyelids ? Does it melt/damage the plastic ? Thanks, sarah.x

  23. oki

    hi, i tried tackyglue to seal the scalp and i just can’t get it on. it so doesn’t work. i don’t know what to do. my poor girl has been scalpless for so many month

  24. Laura

    what kind or brand of spray paint can I buy to give a mate finish to my Blythe’s face rather than Mr. Super Clear Flat , because it takes 25 days to arrive to US! :S Is there anything else recommended?

  25. Rachael

    I bought clear-backed eyechips and I am going to order Tamiya paint to coat the pupils. Is this the kind that I should use?:

    Tamiya Color Black Polycarbonate Spray Paint by Tamiya – This is Tamiya Color Spray Lacquer for
    FEATURES: Specially developed for decorating transparent polycarbonate bodies used in R/C car
    modeling. URL:

  26. Kenny

    The seam on my SBL, between the front and back plates, is a little marred. I got it that way, and made it a teeny bit worse trying to pry the head open (see my comment under SBL sawing). Is there something I can use as a gap filler that will blend reasonably with Blythe’s sand-matted skin?

    Also, on one side of her eyes the white of her eye is slightly damaged or stained. Do I need to change out the whole white piece, or can I fix it? I was considering painting that side of the white eye piece black. Would artist’s acrylics work for this? If I need to change it out, so you have a source for whites?

    Thanks for this amazing resource.

  27. biz!

    What paint is best for the eyelids?

    I do not see an eyelids section on the chart


  28. Dana

    I actually do the glossy of the blythes lips with nail enamel and it looks great

  29. magicblythe

    i used tamiya paint on my scalp but it is still sticky???? Any tips?

  30. donna

    Please can I ask, what is the reason for not using acrylics on the backs of chips/iris? From what I understand, lots of people do seem to use these for handpainting chips.

  31. saffron

    I was wondering about using craft/artist acrylics on my blythe’s face- I was wanting to do something like camo stripes or war paint on her cheeks… but I want it to come off. I didn’t know if those would wash off or not. She’s completely stock, if that makes a difference. Thanks!

  32. maggie

    this website is the best resource!! i found!!!

  33. Samantha

    Hi there, I can’t remember what the correct glue is for putting on the eyechips when you are putting them back in and I can’t find anything in the forum here. Can anyone help?


  34. Rhiannon

    I doubt I’ll get any help as this is REALLLLLY old, but I am about to get a blybe doll and I wanted to know if I could use a slight amount of real eyeshadow on her, and just rub it off when I’m finished with it. I just can’t afford airbrushes.

    Real makeup won’t affect a blythe/blybe/basaak doll, with it?

  35. Trenda

    I have seen on other sites where the suggest using “real” makeup on the blythe dolls. You have to seal it of course to make it permanent. I can’t imagine that if it is safe for our skin, that it would damage the plastic. Good luck.

  36. amelia

    so i was thinking about painting my eye chips on my basaak, without removing them, just on top… would normal acrylics not work then?


  37. orla

    so watercolour pencils are ok as well?

  38. amber

    So are artists acrylics not recommended for make-up because they will react with the plastic on her face, or because it’s just more difficult to produce a “professional” look? If it’s just more difficult to produce a soft look i’m not worried about it, but if it react with the plastic she is made of then that’s a different story. Any advice would be awesome.

  39. potatoe-mouse

    I’m curious to know the reason why 2-part Epoxy is not suitable for use on Blythes? Araldite say their glues don’t contain solvents, and since Milliput say their modelling products don’t react with plastic I’m guessing epoxy resin is ok in general?

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