Eyelids – opening them up aka “boggled”

Also Called “Lid-Lifting”, this technique mimics the look of the earliest Takara Blythes, where no eyelid is visible from the outside.

  1. blythe eye boggleThe amount of eyelid that shows when Blythe’s eyes are open is determined by where the back of the lid rests on the “catch” built into the coupling inside her head.Here it is shown in its fully sprung-open position.
  2. boggling blythe eyesHere is the eye mechanism out of the head. The arrow points to the area that needs to be re-shaped to allow the eyelids to open farther.
  3. lifting blythe eyelidscarefully whittle out a tiny cube of plastic with a sharp X-acto knife in the area shown. Take off equal amounts from each side of the lid mechanism. it only takes about 1mm. put it back into the head without the eyeballs and pull the lids up with your finger to check until you are satisfied with the amount of lid satisfied.work in small increments. you can always remove a little more plastic, but putting it back is more difficult.
  4. blythe bogglingOn the later EBL girls,you will find these posts inside the back of their head. these rods also serve to catch the eyelids and prevent them from opening all the way. To get these girls boggled, you will have to remove material from these posts where it is marked in the picture.

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  1. jelly

    Hi! I´ve a problem. I opened my blythe to paint her eyelids and when I put her eyes again the pullstring doesn´t work. It can´t change the eye colour 🙁 I thing something´s wrong (pullstring). Can you tell me the correct way to put the pull string? If you had any photo… Thanks

  2. Melissa

    Hi Jelly.

    You can refer to these pictures in reverse order.

    Does it click when you pull? Check to make sure that the side of the bar with the little teeth is coming into contact with the white T-bar (the piece that is screwed in last) If it got bent or is screwed in backwards it won’t click. Also make sure you re-attach the spring and it is not stretched out. If the paint on her lids is too thick, it can prevent the eye mechanism from working correctly too.

    Good luck!

  3. Lindsey Rose

    Hello, I couldn’t find contact info for the site, but I figured this was the best place for my question. I am looking for a tutorial on how to do sleep eyes. I thought there used to be one? Anyways, if anyone could give me a link to directions, or something I would be very grateful! Thanks!

  4. Ana

    Hi there. I have a FAO Hollywood Blythe, the non-matte one, without the boggled eyes. I was wondering, if I follow the above steps, will her gaze be more extremely right and left? I want her eyes to look like Kozy Kape’s or Rosies. (As it is, she has no eyelid showing, but her eyes don’t look as extremely far to the left or right as theirs do.) Thank you.

  5. Ana

    Also, to add to what I wrote above, my girls left and right gazes point downward. I would like them to point more upward (like Rosies or Kozys). Thank you.

  6. Melissa

    Hi ana,

    no, boggling only affects where the eyelids rest. you would have to change the eyes completely to make her look more right or left.

  7. Jeannine

    First, you tutorials are incredibly helpful! Thank you sooooo much for sharing your knowledge!

    I scalped my Prima Dolly Violet this week. I put her back together, but her eyes don’t open all the way. There is a click when I pull the string and the eyes change, but I have to use my finger to get the eyelid to open. I’m thinking (based on the comments above) that the spring is a bit stretched out. How do I repair that?

    Thank you again!

  8. elly

    I just want to thank u so much for this tutorial as well as the head opening one….I have sucessfully boggled my blythe’s eyes and just want to tell u how much I appreciate your website and helped me many times….

  9. kaka

    In the process of customising my prima doll Violet, I noticed the eyes cannot change to the next colour, despite pulling the pull string normally. I have the exact same problem with my other Prima doll Aubrey as well, and was unable to fix it, and I need to roll forward manually with my thumbs, only that the eyes will change normally. It really bothers me, and I really don’t how to fix it. Please kindly help, thanks a lot!

  10. kaka

    Actually I just changed the eye chips, eye lashes, paint the eye lids, do sleep eyes and then put all things back to the original, when I pull the pullstring, it doesn’t work, only when I use my thumb to push one of the eyeball, I heard a sound “ta” or “tick”, and then I try to pull the string again, then both eyes will change to next color, I have to do this everytime if I want her eyes change to next color.
    Anyway, thanks for your advise, I will check it again. Hopefully I can find out what’s the problems.
    Thanks a lot , Melissa. You really help me a lot. thanks !

  11. Sharon

    Does anyone know of a good tutorial, with pictures if possible, on doing sleep eyes? Or on lip sculpting perchance?

  12. Sammy

    i found some good advice for sleep eyes here :3 youjust gotta look aound a bit


  13. Leloo

    I just wanted to let you know that it might just be me but in your picture of the posts in the EBL head it looks like you say to cut the top part of the post? But to get Frupu’s lids open it didnt work until I did that to the BOTTOM part of those posts. I just thought I should let others know in case they thought it was the top at first too!


  14. Peggy

    Okay I got my Ebony’s head open and filed that little spot twice now and I still see her eye lids! What am I doing wrong? Should I try it again?

    Please help!

  15. kitty

    hi i was just wondering if you could give some tips on eye and lip carving. not that im ready to attempt it yet but all the dolls ive seen on ebay that have been customized seem to have had that done to them thanks :o)

  16. kelly

    Melissa – I haven’t been here in ages but I’m SO happy to have this site to come back to for reference!!! I’ve read these tutorials a million times but I need the reference of them often – THANK YOU and keep up the great work! oxoxo Kelly (aka Kittenfantastico76)

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  18. CareBear

    Hello, i was just wondering, what if you want more eyelid to show, rather than give her Boggeled eyes? How would one go about doing such a thing?

  19. Ariane

    CareBear, if you give your girl sleep eyes you can control the amount of eyelid the shows. You just have the replace the spring in the eyemechanism with a second string. The first string will the used to close her eyes and change eyecolor, and the second string to open her eyes and control the amount of eyelid that shows. If you google “blythe sleep eyes” you should find some tutorials about this. It’s a very easy and useful ‘surgery’!!

  20. CareBear

    Thank you very much Ariane. 🙂 Your a big help.

  21. John

    Hello, I was just wondering if you did get you’re spring streched out, how you could replace it. Is there a way to get new blythe springs? Thanks so much for all you’re help. My dolls spring is streched out. 😛

  22. linda

    John, check out Melissa’s comment dated April 15, 2007 at 8:49 pm.

  23. John

    Thanks Linda, for you’re help. 🙂

  24. John

    Thanks so much for pointing that out Linda, you are a big help!

  25. Laura

    Hi Melissa!!

    I’ve boggled thousands of Blythes, but I’ve always had a problem with EBLs. The eyelids doesn’t keep 100% opened, they fall. The only way to keep the lids up is to place a heavy pullcharm in the “open” string. Could you give me some advice?
    Thank you so much in advance 😉

  26. Sandra

    Hi, I need some help:

    It´s horrible, but I´ve whittled out too much plastic 🙁
    What do you think would work best?


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  28. hilary Wagstaff

    I just want to say that your tutorials are totally brilliant, and I have used them so many times now, thank you so much for putting in the legwork and then sharing your knowledge, much appreciated.

  29. Phuong

    HEY! Can you make a tutorial on how to replace my Bylthe’s pull string? It broke. Oh, and how to take care of Bylthe dolls and how to customize petite bylthes? Thanks.

  30. Valerie

    Hi!!!! Love this site so much, I know this is off topic, but do you know how I can make my Blythe doll change her eyes again?? I used to be able to do that until the pullstring broke, please, please help!!!!


  31. Ginny

    I’m a newbie to Blythe dolls and Melissa…..I just want to say……you’re my hero!!!
    Thanks so much for all your help, especially your easy to understand explanations.

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