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  1. Loes

    hi there,

    i’m sorry i reply on this blog, while my question is about something else..
    i just don’t know this website and i couldn’t find another way to get in touch with you.

    my question is about ‘cutting perfect blythe bangs’
    i can do this to petite blythe too, right?
    i find the ironing a bit scary.. but i read about the boiling water way.
    how does that work? Are the 1th en 2th steps the same?

    I’d also like to know if i can dye the hair easely.

    hope to hear from you soon!


  2. Melissa

    Hi Loes – the wet towel/iron trick works on most vinyl/plastic dolls with acrylic hair, including petite blythes. be careful not to get the eyelashes too wet as they may come out.

    they make tiny craft irons that may work better on such a small head. you can also hold her bangs down with a fabric headband (strips of pantyhose work well for this) and dip the crown of her head into almost-boiling water if the iron is too large and clumsy.

    Dye only works on blonde or white hair since you can not remove color from acrylic hair. we’ve used RIT with varying degrees of success. be warned that acrylic hair will shed color after it is dyed that may stain rubber and plastic body parts. I have a “redhead” that I dyed with tangerine rit that rubbed onto the tops of her ears and shoulders. I would only recommend dye on short-haired girls.

  3. Melissa

    oh, and always test first on a small cutting of hair from the underside of her head!

  4. Dani


    I’m sorry this is not about the post topic, but do you know what happened to the “Meet the Sweetles” web site?? Do you know how to contact them? or do you know any other web site with a Blythe house tutorial?? It would be great to have some information of the materials or ideas to make one!!


  5. carolyn

    Would love to try techniques! Thanks for sharing your expertise. Where can I buy Blythe(takara)? Thanks for a reply.

  6. pumibel

    Hi- I am getting a “403 forbidden” page on your tutorials- just thought I would let you know in case others are getting it too.

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    Keep working ,fantastic job!

  8. steven

    i would like to learn the skill “New Blythe Tutorial: Airbrushing Basics” where can I learn it from.
    Are there anyone in singapore which I can learn from, thanks

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