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Hi all, thanks so much for the orders and comments in the first week of the opening of the Puchicollective shop!

To keep things interesting, we will be featuring a new design every two weeks. In anticipation of the release of Gentle River (the first lottery batch is shipping may 22nd), we’ve made some shirts featuring the our illustration of the Forest where Gentle River lives with her woodland friends. This design will be featured on the official Gentle River/Lemon Butter boxes and of course, matches teamsibley.com!

puchi collective shop

New Shirts with this design:

Also added to the shop, the Sibley Bird!

Shirts featuring this design:

9 responses to “T-shirts of the week”

  1. Pamela

    Have you considered offering your shirts in children’s sizes? I’d love to have this design on a shirt for my two year old daughter!

  2. linda

    i love the new designs!

  3. Erin

    These are super fab! I already orderd some lippies, so as soon as that gets here and I know how it fits I am TOTALLY ordering the foresty one! YaaY!

  4. Kelly aka Kittenfantastico

    These are SO great!!!! Excellent work as always you guys!!! oxox

  5. ghislaine

    oh i love the new design! wish i had waited a bit before ordering mine… i guess i’ll have to get another one then ;). perhaps next month… or i’ll wait to see what other designs you guys come out with!

  6. Pamela

    Oh, great!! I can’t decide which color (blue or brown) I like better, so I’ll let my daughter pick. 😀

  7. Brigitte

    This shirt is great! I think I need the blue/yellow/brown girl first though. Keep it up!

  8. Michelle

    I love the new designs! The other half is looking at geting a blokey Buster Tee really soon!

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