official sketches and description of Gentle River and Lemon Butter

…are up on!

translated thru babelfish:

Last year, it should commemorate, in the doll of チームシブリー which gains beautiful grand prix “first ブライスビューティコンテスト” ナチュラルビューティ section, appears as a CWC limited doll. プチブライス, 扮 to “the lemon butter” of the child deer of the friend. While kind イノセント where presently, the original doll it has making atmosphere important, it is the development under way. Your favorite Hansel’s and Gretel story we would like to see, as for “the river” you live in the cottage which was built in the forest, the animal and together we love you have lived. The river while watching such an animal quietly, passes time with the forest. It mentioned also the animal her kindliness and it became the way where friendship buds unnoticed.
Furthermore as for “the lemon butter” of the child deer, her special it is the friend. The cover ã‚Š opening ティパーティー, invites the companions of the forest. In this way, the river the animal and together sends happy every day in the nature. We would like to meet to 2 people who live in the world of cute fairy tale quickly don’t you think? is, the ♪ CWC limited ネオブライス “gentle river” cwc limited プチブライス “lemon butter”
* illustration is the design picture. Last specification there are times when it differs.

CWC limited ネオブライス “gentle river”
Selling price: 18,690 Yen (including tax)
sale schedule month: 2007 May

CWC limited プチブライス “lemon butter” petite
Selling price: 3,990 Yen (including tax)
sale schedule month: 2007 June

8 responses to “official sketches and description of Gentle River and Lemon Butter”

  1. Lauren

    I love them all! but in my opinion, I prefer Lemon butter, I think it’s her hoodie:)

  2. linda

    eeeeeee river has auburn hair! *dances*

  3. Wendy

    I love both of them!!! They’re soooooo unique and cute XD… I love both of the designs. But I like Gentle River better. Maybe I can buy it in Japan… But anyways hope you can make more blythes.

  4. Wendy

    Why does it have to be LIMITED? Why? Why? Why?

  5. Inga

    So, does LIMITED automatically imply release by lottery only? I was reading that GR will be released by lottery, and not available for direct purchase in the US. . . : (

  6. Ani

    I am so excited for this release and very excited for you and the rest of Team Sibley!! Gentle River is by far my favorite Takara release to date and I’m bent on getting her through whatever means I can!! Yay!!
    I love the hair and can’t wait to see the official pictures, and her clothes, the colours and of course I’ve gotta mention those boots!! My head is just spinning!
    Lemon Butter is also just as fabulous and if I can get my grabby hands on her too, then she’ll be my very first(and perhaps only) petite!! Way to go Melissa, everything about this is just fantastic!! Could I gush anymore? Yes, I probably could!! haha!

  7. Andria

    I cannot believe people didn’t know this would be limited–it’s a very special doll with an extensive wardrobe of great quality that a lot went into. OF COURSE this is going to be a limited doll. It’s probably one of the most special dolls they’ve produced, because it’s the first customer-designed.

    Anyway, I cannot wait to see the actual picture of her and Lemon Butter and thanks for walking us through this amazing process, very neato. =D

  8. Inga

    I’m not surprised, nor bothered, that Gentle River will be limited and I certainly have no problem paying more for this ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE doll. I am, however, disappointed that she might be available by LOTTERY only, excluding those in the United States. I find this especially ironic given that Team Sibley is a North American team with a loyal following!

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