Darling Diva and Her Daring Dogs

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, step right up for the spectacle of the season: “Darling Diva and her Daring Dogs!” Right this way folks, the circus is about to begin!

MagnusDarling Diva ooh la laBuster

“Darling Diva and Her Daring Dogs” by Team Sibley will be on exhibition at “Diva Party” at Gallery Lele from June 19th to July 16th.

More detail pics in the Flickr set. This was a really fun project – We have so much fun with these “do whatever you want” customs. Christina of course is fantastic at putting together the details of a scene and Paul and I have really been wanting to try new things with makeup. There’s hot-rod style metalflakes on just about every surface for razzle dazzle. I got to practice my plastic fabricating skills on the little dog stands and the hoop-of-fire.. i mean, paper.

We’ll save the pyrotechnics for the exhibition.

Not pictured, but included in our piece is the amazing tiny crochet top-hat by Blanki. We had to rush it to Japan before the hat arrived.

And check out all of the Dolls on display at Diva Party!

16 responses to “Darling Diva and Her Daring Dogs”

  1. KittyVane

    Oh my goodness!
    I’m speechless! So many good things, Blythe, circus, little dogs in tutus, I think I shall faint from the awesomeness! 😀

  2. dolly*hex

    This really is a great idea and fun.

  3. la marquesa

    the most fun and different!
    the others divas are beatiful too
    but this is something strange,
    more risk…

  4. piccadilly_here

    Absolutely amazing! I just cannot say enough how talented you all are!

  5. martianmermaid

    You guys are definitely on a roll with your creations. This is simply amazing.

  6. poopychun

    too TOO CUTE XD you guys are geniuses! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  7. Helena

    ooooh! So fun concept!

  8. valentine

    *love it*

  9. ghislaine

    too cute! amazing work as usual 🙂

  10. Jenny


  11. Christina

    Where are the tees??? : ) I want one with Magnus on it, which is such a cool name for him by the way.

  12. Michelle

    Just incredible! I love it!

  13. alexandra*galexiegirl

    i am blown away. You guys are sooooo dang talented!!!!

  14. kitty

    hi i went to flickr and was blown away by the makeup but i seen a comment that said the eyes were done with metal flake…what does that mean?? sorry really new to all this :o)

  15. kitty

    thanks so much she is such a gorgeous doll xx

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