Blythe Beauty Contest 2007 Finalists announced!

We’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge congratulations to the finalists announced recently on The entries look incredible and We’re especially excited to see so many familiar faces in the top 9.

left to right: puppy love, hey little girl, blythe of finland

This year, the winner will be chosen by all the fans by online vote and mobile phones. Keep your eye on’s news section for further details.

I’m just glad we don’t have to judge or compete this year (we’re nervous enough just to be exhibiting!). The entries have all certainly raised the bar and this is going to be an incredible show.

We’ll see you in Tokyo!

Edited to add:

more large photos of contest finalists are popping up (if you have links to more photos, feel free to leave them in the comments). Congratulations again!

Kung Fu Panda by IxTEE

Secret Angel by BHC

9 responses to “Blythe Beauty Contest 2007 Finalists announced!”

  1. poopychun

    I must thank team sibley for being one of the many inspirations XD

  2. Ro

    Everybody did such a great job! It was so uplifting to see those three little dollies among the finalists! 😀

  3. KittyVane

    I think we owe a lot to Team Sibley too, River was our inspiration to take part in the contest this year. 🙂

    Good luck to all the finalists! 😀

  4. Melisser

    Can we say TOUGHEST VOTE EVER?! The finalists are fabulous!

  5. Adrian

    All finalist are fantastic but Private Ai Ai should win!!!

  6. Tuesday

    I’ve never visited that site or heard anything about that contest, so thanks for putting me in their direction! It’s fabulous to see! xxx

  7. rhpxjcwq



  8. Karen

    What is the best way to reverse the Yellowing in a Kenner Blythes face?? THANKS!

  9. spirit

    Sorry~~ I can’t do it.who can help me?

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