Pet Monkey

mini monkey pattern

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Illustrated Instructions

  • Description: small pet monkey with bendy arms and legs
  • Difficulty: Medium/Hard
  • Tips: Use felt for all pieces. Do not add a seam allowance to the pattern. Sew by hand.

11 responses to “Pet Monkey”

  1. Melisser

    Everyone needs a pet monkey!

  2. Leah

    I can’t beleive you’re sharing your cute animal patterns!!

  3. gianne

    Ah so cute! Gonna try this soon

  4. tarnia

    girl from oz says thx 4 the cutest pattern!! my girls will luv it and their friends will want it !! 🙂
    Kindest regards

  5. tarnia

    ps merry christmas

  6. Becca

    thank you for the pattern!

  7. Emma

    omigosh! this is so cute! the blythe eyes creep my mom out so i got a pullip. i am currently poor because of its price, but my mom loves making the clothes and i hope these patterns will fit her. thanks!

  8. Natalie

    What kind of wire should be used? Also, how big should the monkey be?
    Thanks! This is a wonderful pattern.

  9. Hannah

    I love this pattern!

  10. Aleshia Beachman

    This is a superb piece, I located your website doing research google for a related subject matter and arrived to this. I couldnt find to much alternative info on this posting, so it was good to find this one. I will likely be returning to look at some other articles that you have another time.

  11. BunnyM

    Thank you for this pattern. I used to have a monkey as a child. So, I can see me carrying this one around in my pocket! And maybe I’ll share it with my Blythe sometimes too! 😉 It was very generous of you to post this pattern.

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