Blythe A-line Dress

Blythe Dress Pattern

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  • Description: Lined sleeveless Blythe dress – great for layering with long sleeve T’s and tights.
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Tips: Use Lightweight cotton fabric for the Shell and lining. Experiment with trims and pocket details.

35 responses to “Blythe A-line Dress”

  1. RUBY



    hi im having a bit of difficulty understanding this pattern,firstly im planning on doing it unlined,but i just cant see how the pattern goes i cant see it in my mind!! should i still be cutting out two lots of the pattern even if im not lining it as i cant see how the one piece is done into a dress and the place on fold bit what doers this mean???
    help lol
    thanks hope im making sense???


    sorry forgot to say co sthere is no picture i juts cant see how its supposed to go!

  4. Shayla

    This pattern is actually one I found quite easy. It took me a while to figure out the folding of the other side, but it really makes sense after it all. I’m going to make another now!

    GL sophie

  5. lindsay

    I can not for the life of me get the dress truned right side out once I’ve sewn the two pieces together. I feel like there’s not enough room in the shoulders. Any advice?

  6. Melissa

    lindsay – yeah, if the shoulders are sewn too narrow, turning can be difficult. it helps a lot to trim the seam allowance in the arm and neck holes down to 3/16″. What kind of fabric are you using?

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  8. Batty

    Hi Melissa, thank’s so much for sharing these patterns! I was wondering if it would be ok to sell dresses made from this pattern like it is with the “all spruced up” pattern.

  9. Amy

    Hey i have made the dress but it is really small………………………….what is the seam allowance for this pattern? Also i couldn’t turn the dress in the right way… his because I have made the shoulders to narrow?

    thanks heaps


  10. Gigi

    Oh man have I given up on this one : (
    Looks like I’m not the only one…
    I had much better luck with the party dress and the empire!
    Good luck to you all,

  11. Angela

    Great patterns! I printed them out but they aren’t the full size though, what am i doing wrong?!

  12. Manda

    Very nice pattern, I made one as a top for a small busted Obitsu doll. Pale yellow fabric with white flowers on it, it came out looking very cute.

  13. Falyn

    Thanks for the patterns! This has been real fun for me since I love to sew but don’t have the time to sew for myself! These were quick and easy and so easy to embellish! Here’s Deirdre in her a line dress!

  14. Falyn

    p.s. this is my first Blythe! I LOVE HER!

  15. DeadlyNova

    Thanks for the awesome pattern! I made an awesome dress for my Dal with it. ^w^

  16. Kim

    I just downloaded it and printed it and it is printing way big. I got a program to open it but it is still off! Got any suggestions?

  17. Karen

    I know this is old thread but if anyone needs help turning it ride side out, use tweezers. 🙂 And Melissa thank you for the patterns, I love them!!!

  18. ellen

    This dress is so versatile! The pattern’s super simple, too. It was the first Blythe dress I ever made and I’m going to make many more! Turning it right-side-out is sort of tricky at the shoulders, but with patience (and sometimes a knitting needle to poke with), it works out. The dress fits my Momoko, too, although it’s a lot shorter on her, but would be great with tights or leggings for modesty.

  19. Claudya

    Ty very much friend!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the patterns, xo from Brazil

  20. Kim

    Thanks for the pattern. It was easy to make and fits well.

  21. Nancy

    I had so much fun making this dress – it was my first attempt at making something for my dollies and was easy to follow your instructions. Thanks heaps!!

  22. DorrieBelle

    My printer darn near ate the pattern — it came out waaaay the wrong size for Blythe. But it came out near-perfect for my Monster High dolls ! It’s a great pattern, easy and quick and fun to sew ! I wanted to thank you for the pretty finished dress, even though it isn’t on a Blythe !

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  25. black chinos

    Thanks for the great pattern. It was easy to make!

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  28. Nami

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  33. Margot

    Thanks for this beautiful pattern.

  34. biz!

    I can not get the file to print right ?!?!
    I am using a PC & everything I have tried prints it too large or too small ?!?! Anyone?

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