New Facemold Debuts on Darling Diva

darling diva blythe by takara

The long-awaited “radiant” facemold has been revealed in the latest pics of “Darling Diva,” the 5th anniversary Blythe. So far, the tiny pics show that the new mold has a different mouth shape (a special lip-paint shape exclusive to Darling Diva), and larger eye holes (but the same superior far-glancing eyeballs). Darling Diva’s eyechips are dark gray, Ice blue, brown, and aqua blue. She appears to have pale purple shadow. She’ll have a jeweled musical note pull “ring” as well.

She’s a versatile songstress and so she comes with three outfits – a country cow-girl, punky singer, and elegant diva. She comes with a padded bra for extra stage presence.

She’s packed in a gift package and comes with her microphone stand and a 45 rpm record of her greatest hits. She comes with three pop-up backgrounds for her to perform in front of as well.
She will be available in september for 42,000 yen (approx. $370)

darling diva's eyechip colors

my 2 cents: I wouldn’t say she’s “kennerish,” but the new mold looks tolerable from the pictures. I can’t wait to see her in real life (because Team Sibley has to decide if River will be radiant or superior). I worry though about the future of eye carving.


9 responses to “New Facemold Debuts on Darling Diva”

  1. eurotrash

    I’m looking forward to some live pictures too! I’m staying tuned for the lowdown since you’ll be getting one right?

  2. Helena

    I am also curious on this new mold but not curious enough to buy the Diva.
    I am excited that Team Sibley will get one, I will wait for the in depth by then!

  3. blublu/staytru

    I think she’s got Twiggy shaped eyes =)

  4. Jackie

    exciting times for Gentle River! can’t wait to see how this develops 😀
    i’m really curious to see a close-up of the “radiant” lip shape…

  5. Kelly

    I am anxious to see Darling Diva out of the box – and to really see this new face mold close up. She’s a cutie, but again It always takes “out of box” pics for me to fall for a girl!

    I can’t wait to hear what you all decide for River 🙂

  6. cat*e

    I saw her at Japan, she looked cute.. but she wasn’t cute enough for me to be in dept. 😉

  7. Jennifer

    I think she’s beautiful~ She looks delightfully pouty to me, more so than many blythes that I’ve seen. Plus her punk rock and diva outfits look gorgeous. I’m not really fond of the western one, though it suits her.
    Ah, so expensive. Is she worth it? I’m still debating (^^;)

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