Radiant Head – an evil teaser

blythe radiant head

I’m absolutely dying to say something about the new radiant head, having just seen it for myself. Unfortunately, I have been respectfully asked to not show photos of it or give away all the cool new details, but I must say this;

  • the new headmold is definitely a noticable change from superiors.
  • the new headmold introduces a new head/scalp assembly, completely unlike EBL, SBL, and Kenner.
  • Team Sibley has decided that River will be Radiant!

I’ll be able to say more once Takara’s closer to having her on the shelf. You can just throw tomatoes me until then 😉

26 responses to “Radiant Head – an evil teaser”

  1. Kelly (kittenfantastico76/Simple Curiosity)

    Ooooh you big tease! Now I’m REALLY anxious to see this headmold. AND to see all the great tutorials you all come up with together for customizing these new darlings! YAY for anticipation!!! 😀

  2. Poopychun

    eeeeeeeee soooo exciting XD

  3. Cassy/sweetpeach

    yay! though you weren’t able to say much, what you did say has made me very hopeful and excited about the radiant mold!

  4. mms0131

    One word, cruel!

  5. Linda

    hoolay for Lay-dient Li-vah!
    (sorry just had to do it in engrish) 😛

  6. Melisser

    I’m just glad she’s Team Sibley approved! Now my pocketbook is scared about future releases!

  7. Paul

    Tosses 1000 tomatoes!

  8. heidi

    damn you. Big bunch of mean old meanies. Now my curiosity is peeked, especially if you guys want River to be Radiant, it must be good, huh? How are the eye sockets? Give us a bigger tease, please?

  9. snoopygirl

    omg … I can’t WAIT!

  10. Tiffany

    thanks for sharing the news! i’m very excited to see it! oh the anticipation!

    great site guys!

  11. purple_tiger

    how exciting!

    what i’ve been dying to know is whether it’ll be replacing the SBL, or just used for some of the limited editions?

  12. Jenny


    SO excited, though. Am already mentally socking away funds for River!! Must have!!! EEEEEEEEEEEP!!

    Congrats on everything, btw, the new site is fantabulous!!!

  13. Jackie

    OOOhhh u guys really ARE evil!

  14. hwar

    yayyy! i can’t wait to see/hear more.

  15. Venus

    The point behind all this, if I understood correctly, is that you did received your Darling Diva?
    Hurray for New Dolly! :dances:
    I can’t wait to see your pics when you’ll be allowed to show them!

    :throws tomatoes at Takara:

    :throws one at Melissa… ’cause it’s fun:

  16. KittyVane

    Eeeee! I can’t wait to see what it’s all like now!
    I do have to think about whether to get River now or not, as I am a bit of a SBL-snob… Still, I think I might have to bend my rule just this once. 🙂

    *lobs a tomato, just in case* 😀

  17. greendot

    So exciting, thanks for the news!

  18. Liz

    OOO! You evil tease!

    This is very exciting though!

  19. Ro

    This was indeed rather evil, you know? 😉
    *grabs a ripe red tomato*

    It was very interesting to hear about the new scalp/head assembly.
    I’m so excited about the new mold now!

    And how about the new finish? Opinions?

  20. Venus

    Oh and BTW… How did you figure out the new construction?
    Did you took apart the Doll already? (O_o *talking about a martyr of science* :lol:)
    Or do you have *inside news* about it?…
    c’mon spill it!!! XD

  21. lia/ambling

    indeed an evil teaser!! 😀

    *try to find myself a tomato*

  22. Skitten

    eep. Sets up coin jar for money collection. Looks at tomatoes and makes soup…

  23. eurotrash

    i’m really excited about this release too! evil teaser, but still exciting!!

  24. Helena

    You BIG TEASERS! *hurls tomato pure* (feeling kind, not as hurtful ;D)
    Interesting note of TOMY on the print. No more Takara.. Oh yes they kind of merged.

  25. Sherri

    Eeee! Excitement!

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