Piccadilly Encore Photos and specs released

blythedoll.com has released photos of Piccadilly Encore in the japanese news section.

piccadilly dolly encore
She’s an SBL with the same hairstyle and makeup colors as the original (she’s on the right in the photos above). Personally, I was expecting more of a change to the outfit, which is almost identical to the original, except the updated muscle-tee and handbag feature one of Gina’s photos of a Kenner wearing a Squeaky-Tee! Congrats Tiff!

piccadilly dolly encoreWith the popularity and outrageous secondary-market price of the original Piccadilly, CWC will sell a zillion of these puppies. She’s being sold at the standard 10,290 Yen.

HLJ‘s already sold out their first order of Piccas, but you can get her on eBay.

5 responses to “Piccadilly Encore Photos and specs released”

  1. Kelly (kittenfantastico76/Simple Curiosity)

    I think I might have to give in and snag her up.. I’m still kicking myself over not getting a Night Flower… She’s very sweet, I have wanted the original for a while, but the price tag has made me think otherwise.

  2. Helena

    Me too. Despite my rule to not buy more superiors, I might buy her. Or else I will kick myself until no end, surely. I would prefer EBL but the price range is too high.
    If I get her I will give her my usual bangs treatment (to remove the ugly low thatching) and maybe even boogle the eyes too to make her look less tired.

  3. Peggy

    I love her lips! She is really pretty. Sadly, I think the quality of her hair and accessories is quite poor.

  4. natalie

    I agree with Peggy.. shes gorgeous but her hair is really thin and plasticky!

  5. Maricela

    I just got mine yesterday, shes gorgeous i dont love the hair but its okay shes my first Blythe im from Mexico and here is almost impossible to get one. But shes very very nice and all the accesories are really cute!!

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