Puchi Kenners featured in N.E.E.T. Magazine

Neet Magazine
Online Fashion Magazine, N.E.E.T. used some of my photos for a spread in the September issue. The Editor chose mostly pictures of Kenners I had done for other people. Check out the magazine (All Dolled Up, Page 126), and try to spot your girls!

8 responses to “Puchi Kenners featured in N.E.E.T. Magazine”

  1. Poopychun

    wowness, just wowness!!!

  2. Linda

    yay! congrats on the feature, it’s SOOOO awesome to see some of my favorite girls.
    this could be the start of melissa the professional dolly photographer ;D

  3. Melisser

    Blythe should be in fashion editorials more often!

  4. ghislaine

    sophia made it on page 130! 🙂

  5. faerysequins

    is that my Popeye?????! How NEET! 😉

  6. PurpleUnicorn

    WOWEEEEE!!! Anoushka’s on page 136 & 137!!!!! Thanks for the lovely photo Melissa!!! ^_^

  7. hwar

    hee, georgie is preening! she’s pleased to have made the spread. they chose a really lovely complement of photos.

  8. gcrepe (Gabriela)

    Total drop-dead gorgeousness. Delicious photos, Melissa!!!!!!!!!!

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