What’s the deal with puchicollective.com?

If you’re just visiting us for the first time, you’ve probably found us through puchicollective.com, a site dedicated to spreading information about Blythe customizing and sewing. The concept behind Puchimadam was to be always evolving and growing through knowledge, but due to busy schedules and demanding dollies, the site laid dormant and unchanged for over a year.

With work piling up, updates to Puchimadam’s archaic code were always pushed back to the bottom of my list. Fed up with having a crappy blythe website, I decided to start completely from scratch. New name, New editors, New concept.

With the help and suggestions of some very talented Blythe friends, Puchi Collective was born. We see this site as a foundation for a community to share information and ask questions about everyone’s favorite girl, Blythe. All the old tutorials and patterns from Puchimadam are here, and much more!
You don’t need to be an old-timer or a member of any club to contribute here. We encourage everyone to comment and share their experiences with tutorials and sewing patterns through the comment form at the bottom of every page. Something not working for you? Know a better and safer way to do something? Having trouble finding customizing materials? Leave a note!

The Blythe community grows larger and more creative every day. I’ve missed a lot of the momentum of the past year, but I fondly remember the days when we were all so eager to find a new way to customize and share the experience of living with our big-headed girls.


p.s. The original Puchimadam, Sandy, has retired to pursue a degree in Psychology, and I wish her nothing but success and hope she returns to the Blythe community some day.

11 responses to “What’s the deal with puchicollective.com?”

  1. Ro

    Nice to see you back! 😀
    I happened here from Flickr and woha! Great looking website – and awesome content, but that goes without saying.
    Thank you guys for the work you’re putting in this.

    (Oh, and of course much ♥ to WordPress sites. :3 )

  2. Michelle

    Hey! This is such a great looking site! Kudos to you and your mates!

  3. Miss Fae, a weetzie

    Love the new site, so much. Have been anticipating it for days. Oh, flickr is for spying, indeed

  4. Britmodette

    I love this new site!!! but i don´t found the any things, like your customization for Kenner and Blythes (bl-ebl-sbl)


  5. Dolly*Hex

    The new site is great and its good to see a return to a collective community.

  6. Kelly (kittenfantastico76/Simple Curiosity)

    Congrats on the new site and partnership! I look forward to all the updates and new findings! 😀

  7. Lauren

    The site looks GREAT!!!

  8. Roxanne

    Hi! Thank you for making such a wonderful resource for all of us. I love the fact that you’ve pooled together so many of the talented people in the Blythe community. Great job!!

  9. Bryan

    Great job on the website! It looks awesome!

  10. kir

    I really like the new “Puchimadam” site and I´m very happy to see some of my “fave people” working together to bring us the latest news, tips, tools, tutos. Thank you very much Puchi team for this awesome work :).

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