4 responses to “New Middie Tutorials!”

  1. Kami

    I really want one how much are they?

  2. Aroha

    Soooo cute!! 😉

  3. MizzMoxie


    I don’t know where to post… Is there a Puchicollective Forum!? That would be AMAZING!

    I have a lot of questions.


  4. MizzMoxie


    I to was wondering about a forum. I have a lot of questions that just are not covered in this site and I think it would really benefit a lot of people if there were some sort of place to chat and ask!
    If not, maybe you could add some tutorials on: Kinds of paint to paint Blythe bodies, how to paint the face white or other colours, a more in-depth look at what kinds of paint can be used -including brands, names and colours- (I find your chart a bit confusing and a little lacking, sorry!)
    There is so much to ask!
    Please consider this.

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