Puchi Collective goes to the Variety Fair!

When I was in Japan I was asked by Junko from CWC whether I would like to take part in the “Varity Fair” show at Junie Moon. The show consists of an invited group of talented customisers and Blythe fashion creators, each custimising a Doll and creating two exclusive outfits for the show for sale. I had been eyeing off all the lovely custom dolls and outfits from the last “Variety Fair” show which was still on display, so I was pretty excited to be asked and so said yes immediately. Then I hoped like hell that Melissa and Paul would be willing to take part as well to do the customising bit. Thankfully they did and the doll just looks amazing!
Anyway the show starts off in January 2007 and Melissa, Paul and I have been hard at work getting a custom doll and ten outfits ready for the show.

I should also make a special mention for Claire from Loobylu who designed the packaging.

The Packaging

Outfit Number 1.2

OutFit Number 1

Outfit Number 2

Outfit number 2.2

It’s been great fun seeing it all come together but it does seem odd that none of us will see the show 😉



5 responses to “Puchi Collective goes to the Variety Fair!”

  1. Melissa

    hopefully someone will take pictures of the show!

  2. * Oink *

    I was lucky enough to be in Tokyo this Jan and saw the Varity Fair and it was amazing! Go Christina! I think the Varity Fair idea is great because the outfits are available for sell. If anyone’s interested in attending next year’s fair, suggestion is to arrive on the first day. I went on the 2nd day and most of the outfits were sold out >.

  3. mo

    Oh your outfits are just so fab…. I wish I can sew like this.

  4. Ani

    I would give my left leg and my lucky nickel for one of Christina’s outfits…and an quite possibly an arm for one of her bunnies too!! Is there any possible way to commission or buy your work, Christina?(I’d also love one of your prints too!!!)
    Can you tell I’m a fan? LOL

  5. Christina

    Hi Ani,

    Thanks so much!
    The prints are available when I put new work up on my LJ or flickr, but Im not doing any right now sorry, feel free to email me at jamfancy@jamfancy.com though if you’d like to know prices or anything.
    No luck on the clothes and toys either for the moment, but Im hoping to get my **** together when I get back from Japan : )

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