Princess a la mode Movies

So I have to admit, I am totally smitten with Princess a la mode. CWC put together an adorable stop-motion movie of the story of the Princess to very cute and spooky music, voiced over by Junko Wong. It was playing on the big screen during the Omotesando Hills exhibit, and parts of it are very sad and sweet.

Here are the previews:

check out the rest at Blythe Theater

The movie will be included on the Beauty Contest/Anniversary DVD.

So cute! My favorite is the “commercial” of all 6 primmadollies can-can dancing. must.learn.stop.animation…

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  1. Sue(Purple_Tiger)

    These previews are so good. I think it’s really exciting that they’re putting together a fairytale for the anniversary doll this year – she’s going to be magical 🙂

  2. Helena

    Oh. I love stop motion movies. 🙂

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