Original Gentle River: on the Auction Block!

Gentle River Auction

CWC’s annual Charity event details have been announced, and photos of all of the amazing dolls that will be auctioned on Yahoo Japan have been posted here

The finalists from Last year’s beauty pageant will be auctioned in the very last group (July 2-8), Including the original Gentle River!

We miss her so much! I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to her in Japan. Maybe I can get them to let me fix her sausage curls one last time before she goes…

10 responses to “Original Gentle River: on the Auction Block!”

  1. Cindy

    aww! such a special girl, whoever wins her will be a lucky duck!

  2. Olga

    Aww! Adorable! I see she’s got a new hat! I wish they produced the hat too.

    I also wish they made a River-inspired dress set.

  3. ghislaine

    oh wow! whoever wins her is truly going to have a real treasure!

  4. nicola

    oh…y dose she have to leave you?(wht a pity………………….)
    takara will not give her back to u?

  5. Melissa

    nicola – it was one of the stipulations of entering the contest that the finalists would be sold for charity, so we knew this day would come all along. She has had an amazing journey and I hope she ends up somewhere equally as wonderful!

  6. jody

    hopefully whoever wins her will be someone who regularly posts pictures.

  7. Helena

    I hope she will come to a loving home. 🙂

  8. Marilyn

    *digs frantically into empty pockets in vain*
    I hope she goes to a home where we she will be loved and truly appreciated! I also really hope to see her again once in a while!!

  9. Denise

    I hope the winner will take lots of pictures of her, she’s so amazing!!!

  10. Joey

    I would love to take her home. She is more darling than the reproduced one! I wanna enter this year’s contest!!

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