New Look and a New Tutorial

After a little break (life, you know…), I’m happy to finally have made some changes around here.

We’re testing out a new look and a new server, so if you notice any links or images are broken, we’d really appreciate a head’s up!

You’ll also notice a lot less google ads. The t-shirts are taking care of operating costs for now. We’d love to see pics of you in your puchi shirts! (I’m wearing my brown Posey shirt right now).

Be sure to check out the new Tutorial – my technique for natural looking freckles. It’s the same method I used on Nara (right).

I’m way behind and very embarrassed that I didn’t post anything after our trip to Japan – Don’t be surprised If I spam the archives later this week.
Keep the questions and comments coming, we love your feedback!

8 responses to “New Look and a New Tutorial”

  1. poopychun

    Yey! the animation at the exhibition made me cry ;_; can’t wait to see the DVD O_O!

  2. linda

    Yay! I’ve been thinking about you & wondering how things are. Good to have you back in cyberspace Dr. M!

  3. Leah

    I’m so glad to see you post again Dr. M! The freckles tutorial is great, thanks 🙂

  4. mwina

    the picture link for the wiener dog pattern leads to a squirrel :0

  5. Rizza

    I live in Tokyo and not a Blythe’s mom. I just want to tell you, you have a helpful site and you sure make a lot of blythe’S moms / blytheshdads happy.

    More power!

  6. Jenny

    I am new to the site, and love all the info you have provided. I have a question about Blythe lips and chins being modified. I am new to the whole Blythe scene and have noticed that there are some who claim to have these modifications. I am curious as to what and how they do these. Do you know where I might find out?

  7. Melissa

    Jenny – look up “Blythe lip carving.” I don’t personally like to carve Blythes which is why I don’t have any tutorials here for it, but I have seen some amazing work out there.

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