Middie Anatomy

We’re fortunate enough to have a Middie Blythe visitor in the house! For those of you that have not met Middie, she is a new type of very tiny Blythe (she stands shoulder-height to Neo Blythe). Middie’s look is very Blythe, but her eye mechanics are completely different – Middie can look side-to-side (a lot like a pullip), but cannot blink. She also has a jointed neck which allows her more head poses than Neo Blythe.

We’ll have a full tutorial up soon on how to open her up to customize, but for now, enjoy these shots of my first Middie-opening!

7 responses to “Middie Anatomy”

  1. V.

    I think it’s odd that they decided to ditch what makes bythe blythe for an eyemech that says Pullip. Especially when cheaper middie clones do have the changing eyes. Plus, she doesn’t look like the brightest crayon in the box, does she?

  2. holly

    I’ve been smitten by Middie since the first pics were released and you’re really not making me want one less, lol!

  3. zenzile

    I think she’s cute. Do her legs bend?

  4. Helena

    Thank you for photographing! I am a nerd I love detail photos like these.

    I have yet to see a Middie in real life but I can understand that she’s more charming in real life. 🙂

    I also think that the clone with the full eye mech must be a prototype leaked, what do you think, Melissa? Sometimes we see prototypes leaks out when one factory don’t get to have the contract they make the stuff anyway on the side.
    That clone is not too pretty looking to say the least so if it is a prototype I understand why they ditched it! ;D

    You have to thank the people at Kenner for the elegance of the original mech. 😉

  5. Zalia

    I thought a Middie Blythe would be a bit bigger but now that you say they are at shoulder height of a Neo Blythe I think they are tiny compared to them!!!

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