Meet Gina Garan at Fred Flare’s Carnival of CUTE! is hosting a Carnival Of Cute on December 9th in New York City with some special guests, including Blythe photographer Gina Garan!

Everyone’s favorite Blythe photographer Gina Garan will have her very own table stocked full with dolls, clothes, wigs, books, postcards, & more.
In addition to Blythe merchandise, there will be Blythes who flew in all the way from Japan! Listen to your dollies & buy them some new clothing (or a sister) for the Holidays!

(Of course, you shouldn’t pass up meeting Amy Sedaris either!)’s CARNIVAL OF CUTE!
Saturday, December 9th, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
175 North 10th Street, in Williamsburg

Between Bedford Avenue and Driggs Avenue
Only 3 blocks north of the Bedford stop on the L train
For more info, please phone 718-599-9221

2 responses to “Meet Gina Garan at Fred Flare’s Carnival of CUTE!”

  1. Fabbie

    Hi! Does Gina Garan ever do meet and greets in California USA? Where can I find more info regarding Blythe shows or expos in the state of California? Thanks so much!! +^.^+

  2. Kenny

    I second that question. I’m in California too. I know Gina did a show of her photography at a small gallery here back in like 2001 or ’02. That’s what got me interested in Blythe in the first place! Are there events here? Thanks.

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