Instant Customs – Show us your hybrids!

While looking around Flickr for pics of Miss Sally Rice, I couldn’t help but notice the number of people “Hybridizing” their Blythes.

eleanor x miss sally rice darling diva x ebony ebony x darling diva

Since RBL Blythes give us the opportunity to swap scalps with no cutting, sawing, or stress, we’re seeing more people play “musical scalps” with their Blythes!  I had lots of fun trading my Miss Sally Rice’s scalp with my other RBL girls, and couldn’t resist swapping a few others just for fun.  Ebony and Darling Diva got the swap, and I love DD with dark hair so much that I might have to keep my eye out for a spare Ebony scalp!
Show/Tell us about your creative RBL hybrids in the comments!

10 responses to “Instant Customs – Show us your hybrids!”

  1. chun

    hey melissa! what’s that first scalp you had with your sally rice? it looks amazing!

  2. chun

    Melissa oh my gosh I’m jealous LOL! I’ll e-mail U 😛

  3. Leah

    Cool update Melissa! I need to get to swappin’ scalps. I wonder who’s scalp would look cool on StarD…

  4. Matt dollboy70

    i love to swap scalps, i think sally rice looks great in everything….my collection is most sally rice dolls with other scalp/domes on her now…….love all the tips…….

  5. Ana Karina

    You can take a look at some of my customs here =o)

  6. Jodi (Jodi_C)

    I have a Saffy/Gentle River hybrid. I could never get my GR’s fringe to sit nice, and not being great at cutting, I gave up on it and swapped the scalp out for a Saffy. You can see the result here:

  7. APEOT

    could you put up a pattern for that dress with the wide skirt and the pom poms? It’s really cute!

  8. dolly & lolly

    I would like to add a doll to this but dont know how to upload the pic from flickr.

  9. MAvi

    My hibrid: ADG roaring red wuith scalp PD violetina

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