Gina’s pics of Gentle River

Gina garan took Gentle River on a photoshoot in Florida, and posted some cute pics in her blog:

we didn’t know the boots had B’s on them! cuute! Have I mentioned how much I love shoes with a designated Right and Left? I can’t wait to see her in real life!

Looks like the japan raffle has been announced and she’s hit YJP auctions… eBay can’t be too far away! I’m trying to keep up with the threads at TIB: 1. 2. 3.

Even the bums on our corner seem to be scheming to get her!

Good luck to you, sir!

8 responses to “Gina’s pics of Gentle River”

  1. blukat aka Julie

    aw, that’s Paul’s room mate 😉

    congrats and all that! She is very cute!

  2. Sarah

    Is it a Cinnamon Girl?

  3. poopychun

    *LOL* such a lovely picture from Gina! 😀 and that bum picture cracks me up! XD Mmmmm cookies from Melissa O_O

  4. linda

    >>if anyone can name the blythe in the pic I will send them a box of cookies…


  5. Melissa

    linda is the winner!

    you may collect your cookies by coming to Vet’s with me next weekend 🙂

  6. linda

    WOOHOO! i’m a bona fide puchi aunt! *jumps up and down*

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