Free Knitting Pattern: NxtDrGrrl Hoodie!


Hey Blythe knitters! The long-awaited NxtDrGrrl pattern is now available here at PuchiCollective!

The pattern can be viewed here.

Enjoy! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Paula!

8 responses to “Free Knitting Pattern: NxtDrGrrl Hoodie!”

  1. crazycurlygirl

    AWESOME! I can’t wait to try this out. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. 🙂

  2. Kamila

    If only I could read knitting patterns…! I’ll get someone to help me, though, I am determined to try this out! Thank you so much for sharing!!! 🙂

  3. GeorgieXOX

    WOW! im going to attempt this, that hoodie just looks to gorgeous to turn down! A nice baby blue will look great with my blythes! 😛 thx for the pattern

  4. Anna

    Just to let you know, for people in the UK using size 12 needles, 4 ply wool/yarn works best 😉 I had my mum try out different weights to see which was best 🙂
    The pattern is great, thanks so much for sharing it! My mum is going to be busy knitting them for me for some time!

  5. Yoon sa rang

    Oh my god!
    this is very nice and cute!
    I want see it..


    Do you know of any other places on this site or on the Internet where I can find similar patterns?

  7. Jane

    This is a great pattern, it fits a treat.

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