Congratulations “In Focus” Blythe Photo Contest Finalists!

We at Puchi Collective were excited to see the finalists for the “In Focus” Blythe Photo Contest Finalists have been announced!

“In Focus” is a yearly contest held by CWC where people enter their favorite Blythe photos for a chance to have them published in a postcard book, as well as displayed at Junie Moon in a yearly exhibit. In addition to being included in the postcard book & exhibit, there’s a contest to win prizes based on popular vote & the favorites from Gina Garan, Junko Wong, & this year, celebrity actress Hisako Manda.

We want to congratulate all the finalists, especially our friends Gabrielle, Leo, Lydia, Sherri, & Valerie! Check out their amazing entries below!

#8 / Gabrielle#8- Gabrielle #20 / Leo#20- Leo #21 / Lydia#21- Lydia #36 / Sherri#36- Sherri #40 / Valerie#40- Valerie

Don’t forget to head over to the “In Focus” Blythe Photo Contest Finalists to check out all the entries & VOTE between Tuesday, September 19th & Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006.

8 responses to “Congratulations “In Focus” Blythe Photo Contest Finalists!”

  1. Melissa

    it was tough to choose, but I voted. Congrats and good luck to all the finalists!

  2. Helena

    Yes, I voted too, it was a very hard choice of 2.. 😀

  3. dollyhex

    One just jumped out at me and I voted. Good luck to everyone, they’re all superb shots.

  4. Blythely I go

    What a sweet surprise! Thank you for mentioning me and my photo from the “In Focus” photo contest on your site! 🙂 I only just found out about Puchi Collective through Christina’s LJ—I can’t wait to check your site out! Good luck to all!

  5. Sherri

    Thanks for including Sid’s photo and for the sweet congrats! I feel so honored. 🙂

  6. emptynest

    Congratulations to the five finalists! I also found it really difficult to choose between my 5 or so favorites and I’m glad to see 3 of the ones I loved made it to the final five!

  7. gcrepe (Gabriela)

    Awwww- Thanks so much for the congratulations to us! That was sweet! Chloe feels honored to be part of such a group of little beauties!!! All the entries were AMAZING!

  8. snoopygirl

    I am so glad I voted before I knew who’s was who’s (other than a certain VERY famous Blythe) …


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