Inspiring Blythe sites from around the world

When I first started sewing for my Blythes, I started basic, a-line skirts and tees and I was pretty pleased when they worked out, but I always went to these places for inspiration and they are all still going strong and still as inspirational as ever! I like to pop over and see what they are all up to every now and then;

  • Sar Sar at Blankiblue. Sar Sar must do the best crochet bar none! The stitches are tiny and perfect and the attention to every detail of construction is staggering. If I could ever crochet half as well I would be very happy.
  • Azone. I just love to pop by and see what they have come up with next, especially the shoes!
  • Channel a. Lovely, lovely clothes, always unique and sometimes staggeringly cleverly made too.
  • Cherry Merry Muffin Blythe. Such a cute and unique look, you can spot a Cherry Merry Muffin doll or outfit a mile off. I got to meet Saki in Japan too and she is possibly cuter than her dolls.
  • Closet Freak. This has just recently been updated after a long hiatus and is kicking Blythe fashion arse again, yay!
  • Momolita. What can I say? The stalwart of Blythe Fashion with her Vivienne Westwood inspired clothes. I don’t think there is anything she makes that I don’t love and from design to production it’s all just faultless. I have a fetish for her “rocking shoes” as well, my dolls have many pairs and when I got to see her in Japan she was wearing them with such impossible grace that I didn’t notice them initially and just thought her remarkably tall.
  • Smash and Box. Sadly not making anything new, but always worth a look anyway. I think some of my most favourite Blythe clothes ever have come from Smash and Box and they were a huge influence on me when I first started sewing my own stuff, like a whole new world of ideas opening up every time you visit.
  • Passatempo. Who make the most perfect dainty little handmade Blythe shoes in existence. So pretty, and such cute designs, that are never clunky looking.
  • Salon de Monbon. One of the first Japanese Blythe online clothing shops I ever came across and still one of the best. Also my first ever disappointment at the “no international shipping” sign that is often at Japanese sites. Beautiful clothes just beautifully made.
  • Phases. They seem to have been around forever and consistently come up with the goods every season.
  • Love Doesn’t have Sunday. Great retro styled clothes and just a pleasure to look through the whole site, so much cuteness to see.
  • Lovely Mania have some of the loveliest Kenners ever modelling theirs and others stunning outfits. You can lose alot of time here just going back through page after page of beauty.

Blythe people are so creative!

11 responses to “Inspiring Blythe sites from around the world”

  1. Melisser

    Wow, so many amazing sites I’ve never seen!

  2. Linda

    Same here – I am bookmarking them all! 🙂

  3. Lounging Linda

    eeeeep. *bookmarks like crazy* good selection Christina!

  4. Ro

    Wow! Those websites are amazing – and I only knew ve~ry few of them!
    Thank you Christina for the great selection. 🙂

  5. Tess

    Wonderful selection of sites! I could drool for hours.

  6. Leah

    I loved seeing your inspiration sites! All new to me 😀 Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Alex

    I hate that I see the Japanese script and my brain freezes up because I don’t understand it and that basically stops me from looking at the sites 🙁

  8. Liz

    Oh! Wow! thanks Christina.

    So many places to look for inspiration.
    I need to sew…now! 😉

  9. eurotrash

    wow, tons of stuff i’ve never seen! Christina you are a treasure!

  10. Bambi

    I agree with Alex. There are some sites that are really good, but they’re all in Japanese, so there are all of these buttons to press, but I don’t know what to do >_

  11. Tina

    OK, I need help!!! Tina from Dollyhair.comhere. For YEARS, I’d thought that Takara Blythe dolls were factory-rooted with nylon hair. However, my Simply Mango doll CLEARLY has saran hair! I see the matching saran color in the manufacturer’s sample book! Even more confusing, dolls like Princess a la Mode could not POSSIBLY have anything other than nylon hair!! Is Takara using nylon and saran hair interchangeably on their Blythes?? Can anyone here confirm, with absolute certainty, what kind of hair their Blythe was rooted with? Please help!

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