Team Sibley’s Contribution to Variety Fair

yellow girlWe participated in the Variety Fair exhibition and shop again this year, Christina made two Jam Fancy outfit sets and Paul and I worked on the doll to model one of the outfits. We were sent a lovely butter-yellow haired girl to work on (I wonder how many of these they have at the factory… the hair is gorgeous!).

colouringblue Christina finished the outfits before we got started on the makeup. She used the Blythealizer to come up with a makeup combo that worked with the outfit, She came with normal skintone and primadolly-esque makeup. We decided that she should have fairer skin, so my Primadolly Aubrey got the swap. They are both happier in their new skin as my Aubrey always looked a little ill to me. Anyway, this time we tried an all-airbrush makeup including shaded lips. It was our first try and we are happy with the results, and will continue to refine the technique. The finished girl has pink lips with red shading on the bottom. We created our own mask for the shape and sprayed it in two stages.

blue Three of her eyechips have been airbrushed for depth. This technique is super easy and gives the eyes so much pop! Of course, she has three sets of P-chips.

With Paul airbrushing the lips, you may be wondering what the heck I did… This time, I did the eyeshadow! We kept it simple, one color, a teal green to match her dress. I sealed the lids with high gloss to prevent scratching and give her a dewy look.

We hope you like her! She’ll be available for sale at Variety Fair. More pictures are on puchi-flickr. You can check out both the finished outfits in Christina’s flickr

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  1. lelah

    Where/when was/is the Variety Fair? Sounds like a fun time!

  2. Christina

    I had no idea the lips were airbrushed, shows what a brilliant job you have always done on them Melissa. The eyeshadow is superb too, wish I lived near by and you two could take me on as an apprentice.

  3. Sue(Purple_Tiger)

    i can’t say enough good things about her eyes and make up 🙂 wow!

  4. Team Sibley at Variety Fair in Tokyo | Craft Blog

    […] Variety Fair is an doll art exhibit featuring one of a kind Blythe dolls wearing amazing handmade outfits created by the doll community’s most talented customizers. The show kicks off on September 11 at the Junie Moon shop in the Daikanyama neighborhood in Tokyo. Visitors will be able to purchase dolls as well as a limited amount of clothing sets created by the participating artists. Team Sibley (comprised of artists Melissa Cabral, Christina Gordon and Paul Kaiju, profiled in CRAFT 03) have created this stunning blonde farmgirl Blythe for the show. Everything you see here has been created or customized by Team Sibley, from her eyes, makeup and hair to her hand-stitched clothing and sweet little lamb friend. Read more about the process on the Team Sibley blog. Link. […]

  5. flowerlily1

    I got the free patters from your website thanks!

    Also, you might want to check on the links to the patters and thumbnails because some of them do not coincide.


  6. dana

    I bought a PD Peach that has no scalp. I thought I could just buy a cool cat scalp, but now I’m really confused, since the thing I bought from cool cat is just a rubber piece, and I have no hard-plastic dome piece to attach the scalp to. Help! Can I buy a replacement piece of RBL dome anywhere? Also, the rubber scalp piece looks way to tall. If I don’t want to root the scalp, can I use a wig? This purchase looks like such a waste now 🙁

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