Summer is coming… Wear Puchicollective!

I’m sure you noticed that a few months ago, we added text ads on the site to help offset the cost of bandwidth. Well, we have some future plans sor the site that will require even more bandwidth, so instead of upping the ads (I hate cluttering our dollyspace with ads, how about you?) we’ve come up with something different to help us keep the site running… Merchandise!

We are pleased to invite you to check out our new online shop of people-shirts and household goods, all featuring original dolly designs by the Puchicollective editors.

Wear Puchicollective

We decided that this was the best solution for everyone – each shirt purchased puts a few dollars back into the site, and you get a cool shirt to show the world how much you love Blythe and alternative dolls. if the shirts do well enough, we can eliminate the ads all together, and keep expanding puchicollective without worry of running out of bandwidth. What are you waiting for? Go, shop!

4 responses to “Summer is coming… Wear Puchicollective!”

  1. poopychun

    Yey! Can’t wait to get mine! Woot!

  2. valentine westphal

    5X woot!!!

  3. ghislaine

    i ordered mine and can’t wait to get it! 🙂

  4. Denise

    they look super cool! I hope I can order one in the future! I love the designs! ^___^

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