Sprue vs. the Peewees. a photostory.

sprue: hmm, what’s this?

oh! it has my name on it, it’s a present for me!

wow! sounds like a piglet… or a ferret…. or a baby hippopotamus!

someone tied it up awfully tight!

crap. crap. crap!

it’s peewees! noooo!

they’re trying to tickle me to death!

eeeeeeeeeeeee! get off me, i’m gonna pee my pants!

*breathes* looks…like…they’re…all…gone….


Related reading: several months ago, I picked up a book at Kinokuniya called “peewee.” it’s a little photobook (no text) of these adorable little tiny mass-produced kewpie dolls in just the perfect poses. So much expression out of these little 100 yen rubber toys. When I saw a snapshot of one in a friend’s journal, I begged her to pick a handful up for me. Now the house is overrun with peewees! Thanks, Anne-Gwenn!

Thanks for reading my silly photostory 😉

20 responses to “Sprue vs. the Peewees. a photostory.”

  1. Helena

    I also want to have some peewees! 🙂 😀 So cute 🙂

  2. Kelly (kittenfantastico76/Simple Curiosity)

    that is so FREAKING adorable… kewpie’s and Hollywood… yeah… that’s heaven.. minus all the tickling until you pee… okay.. that’s fun too 😉 TOO CUTE!

  3. Katie

    Eeeeeeee those are adorable! I want some ^_^

  4. Christina

    Too cute, now I have an irrational desire to own a flock of peewees!

  5. Melisser

    peewee!peewee!peewee!peewee! I want, no NEED some!

  6. Maja

    Eeheehee! That made me seriously giggle 😀 I too now feel the need for a peewee army!

  7. blythou

    Aaahhhhh ! The pure adorableness of it all…. Poor girl tickled to death (or til she pees her lovely overalls) !

  8. lithium_f1ower

    ahhh.. cuteness overdose!

  9. Tina

    OMG THIS …. soo cute! i loveee peewees there soo adorable! i have a keychain for my cell but its nose is all brusied up lol

  10. leenda

    the “oh!” “ah!” “oh!” “ah!” part is my favorite. it’s like little peewees coming to life!

  11. Karen

    oh my goodness! how cute! when i was in japan, i went to a flea market and they were selling those (but only the kind that stood.. not special poses) for 50 yen, so i bought two. this makes me want a whole army! so cutteeee.

  12. Gwenn

    I swear I’m not the one who teached them these bad manners! 🙂

    I’m glad they arrived safely, ready to mess everything up!

  13. Jltohru

    OOHHH so awesome.

    like gremlins only cute and funny, hehe

    Sprue is such a gorgeous girl, i love her in the starring role! 😀

  14. Brigitte

    Aww! I have one of those

  15. dong

    Great story 😀

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  20. HoneyPudding

    pee-weee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! adorable

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