Saran How-Tos & Basics

Rerooting your doll with saran can be confusing or even disastrous without the right supplies & information at your fingertips. Here’s a guide to the basics on Saran Hair!

Saran!Saran is a synthetic material used to provide hair to many dolls, like our gal Blythe. Takara dolls are rooted with a machine in a factory using saran hair & a locking loop method.
Here at PuchiCo, we recommend the same locked loop method, as seen in the tutorials HERE, but there are other methods such as sewing wefts onto the scalp that are also used.

Purchasing Saran: Restore Doll has a great selection & prices on high quality saran, comparable to that you’ll find on your Blythe’s head.
Nothing is going to be exact, but we have found KatSilk to only be slightly thinner than the hair used by Takara, it also tends to lays flatter on the head. Regardless, you’ll get a beautiful result!

To reroot one Blythe scalp, you will need Two large format skeins from Restore Doll.
The regular format skeins can also be used, but are shorter in length (18″ vs. 21″). If you choose to use the regular format skeins, you will need 5 to 6 for one Blythe scalp.
The hair will arrive to you in a large loop, but don’t worry, just grab your scissors & make ONE cut through the loop, making one long bunch of hair.
Saran Colors
Choosing/Blending a Saran Color: Hair color can define the personality of your girl, so why do what everyone else is doing? A great way to get a unique color is the blend two colors of saran hair together to make a custom color. Two similar colors blended together can simulate beautiful highlights or blending two different colors can create a new one. Take a look at a color wheel to see what you could create! Another way to make your girl stand out is rooting the part line in a different color from the rest of the scalp for a punky edge or in a similar color for a subtle highlight. The options are plentiful!

The actual act of blending saran is VERY easy! I recommend taking small sections of your two saran colors & forming them in to one bunch, making sure they blend together & mix. Pulling a large tooth comb through your saran while blending it will make the colors mesh together easier & a fine tooth comb can then be pulled through the blended hair to make it one seamless color.Blended Saran

Styling Saran: A common mistake people make with Saran hair is using direct heat on it. Saran will melt if subjected to heat, even so it can hold styles, but it has to be done properly.
Any time you put heat near saran, it should be wet, so it will not break. Even with indirect heat like steam from an iron, it is best to have the hair wet.

To straighten hair, use a wet cloth, (an old tshirt works very well & doesn’t crimp the hair like most towels), place it on top of the saran, & lightly iron the hair. Never put the iron ON the saran, there must always be the wet barrier of the cloth.

Curled hair is another fun look. This can be done with foam rollers or smaller things like pipe cleaners, pencils, whatever you think of!
One option is to wet your doll’s hair & then put in foam rollers or other curlers. Some people like to put roller papers at the ends of the hair, to keep it from frizzing. Once she’s set, let your girl dry, the longer you wait, the better the result.
A longer lasting technique is the boil perm which also starts with putting the hair in your choice of curlers. Bring water just to a boil & pour it in to a bowl, dip your dollies hair in the water for 30 seconds, if you’d like, you can then dip her hair into ice water or put her in the freezer (don’t let her touch the sides), this will help the curl to last longer. Once again, the hair needs to dry, this could take days, so be patient for the best result! Curling Saran

As mentioned, Saran & heat do not mix! Curling irons will melt the hair of your doll & blow dryers are not recommended, unless used on the cool setting & held away from the hair & moved around.

Dyeing Saran: Before we had all the knowledge we do now, a lot of people dyed their Blythe’s saran hair. This can still be done with dyes like RIT, but is known to stain faces, bodies, & anything in comes in contact with! Saran hair should not be bleached!

Caring for Saran: Sometimes our girls go play in the mud & need to be cleaned up. Saran can be washed with a mild shampoo or dish soap. There’s also special products on the market for synthetic hair. Don’t forget to cover your girl’s eyelashes while bathing her!

These are some of the basics steps to keeping your girl’s hair in tip-top shape! If you can think of anything we haven’t covered, please let us know!

Now, check out some of the fabulous Saran Puchi girls, all done with KatSilk from Restore Doll!
Cassady! Zissou! Costello! Nails!

**Kathy at Restore Doll has been generous enough to offer a discount to Puchi Collective readers! For the month of September, enter code: PUCHICO at checkout & receive 10% off your order!!**

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    There’s been some talk of using ceramic straightening irons on the very lowest setting working well. I have not used this method myself, so I can’t recommend it!

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    I am very new to blythe and would like to attempt my first reroot. I would like to have the finish hair length to be very long (down to her feet and maybe longer, if possible) Should I order the x-large format or the large formats? How many would i need?
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