Get the Look: GaGa for Babydolls!

When you think of baby dolls, Blythe hardly comes to mind, but when you think of current fashion, Blythe is always on top of it & this season babydoll cuts are where it’s at!
(On Sebastian: Yellow top by A Wonderful Treat, leggings by Takara. On Gemma: Blue dotty top by Sugar Mag, pants by Puppy Love Blythe Fashion On Dewi: Dress by Chocolat by Narelle.)

From tanks to tops, tunics to dresses, the silhouette of the moment is bubbled babydoll in solids, stripes, prints, & every color of the rainbow! Not only for the sweet, these tops can be worn by any sort of girl, it’s all about how you wear it! Solids & stripes in cotton suit the funky & punky girl, paired with leggings & flats or skinny jeans & a neck scarf, this look is perfect for day or night! Flowing chiffons suit the romantic girl, whether floral, paisley, or plain, you’ll have something sweet to pick flowers in. Knits are beautiful on any girl, paired with jeans they look fresh & hip or in the form of a dress they make a beautiful outfit for day time picnics or night time dining.

So, where can your dolly score this look? Lots of places!
Blythe designers are picking up on this trend & there’s a multitude of shops to snag them from.

Check out this dress from Puppy Love Blythe Fashion: Cute in Dots.
Not only is it a darling dress, but paired with leggings or pants, it makes a stylish tunic too! More of Chun’s cutie clothes can be found at Puppy Love Blythe Fashion.

Chocolat by Narelle
is the home of impeccable dresses & tunics in gorgeous color combos & vintage inspired prints. Do yourself a favor & be on the look out for her wares!

Betsy Jean has been known to knit an amazing babydoll top! They come in lush & vibrant colors & you’ll squeal with delight when you see the tiny details in each one. Check out her Flickr for a sample & watch out for her auctions on EBay!

Of course, Sugar Mag is always up on current trend. An assortment of babydoll dresses & tops in all styles & colors can purchased from them or a smaller selection is available from Gina.

These are just a few of the places your dolly can score this current look, but chances are you already have something in your dolly closet that fall in this category!
The Blythe Empire Dress seen here at Puchi Collective makes a perfect babydoll dress or top when made in a shorter length & paired with pants! Most of us have tried our hand at one of these or purchased one from someone, so we’re already in vogue- find new ways to accessories these dresses for a fresh & current look!

Need inspiration? Check out a few versions of the Babydoll available in human size, then create your own!

11 responses to “Get the Look: GaGa for Babydolls!”

  1. Linda

    ohhh i love this look! i have a few of chun’s dresses that i’ve paired with jeans & flares, and i totally love Narelle’s work! i’ve been eyeing Betsyjean’s knitted tops as well, i hope to get one someday!

    awesome article Melisser! <3

  2. poopychun

    some day I hope to score some chocolat goodness XD

  3. ghislaine

    i love babydoll dresses on B’s!

    babydoll dresses are also good on humans because they hide prego bellies 🙂

  4. glamourfae

    What a fun article! I love the baby doll dress look! And you featured three of my absolute fav designers! I have quite a few things from Chun, including her insanely awesome jeans. And everyone knows I hoard my Betsy knits! Now if only I could snag some Narelle duds! I love her black and white outfits!

  5. Sammy

    hahaha urbanoutfitters 😛

  6. dolly*hex

    Many of my girls are already sporting this look by way of Shannon and Sugarmag. Love the look on adults too 🙂

  7. kir

    Anotehr great article melisser! I love babydolls, and you know, you never have enough babydoll dresses ;). hehe.

  8. Melissa

    this article inspired me!

    Miles in a babydoll

  9. Michelle

    Oh, I love making babydoll for Blythe. Nice selection of photos!

  10. Annie

    Oh…very nice….can you send the blythe clothing pattern to me…thnaks

  11. GeorgieXOX

    I just love all these gorgeous outfits! If blythe clothes came in my size, I would buy it all!
    I love the chocolat dress! I hope to get one some day 🙂 Great work!

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